by TomTom International BV

A tool that is used to keep your TomTom device up to date.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TomTom International BV

Release: TomTom HOME 2.9.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product allows the user to effectively update your TomTom to include new maps and services. It also allows you to back up data from your TomTom.  The software gives you the ability to personalize your TomTom.  This includes changing the background feature. I personally love the feature the most because you can make your TomTom pretty with just a click of your mouse.


  • This new software allows you to supervise your device to more easily manage the amount of available data space.
  • There is a new ManageNow button which allows you to manage content on your TomTom and PC all with one easy push of the button. This really streamlines how you manage your content and makes things quick and easy.
  • This software gives you access to data on your TomTOm end data from other TomTomTomers
  • The Tom Tom software is easy to install and user friendly.  It provides for improved stability while using the Tom Tom which means less software crashes and more time for you to use your Tom Tom. It would definately give me peace of mind to install this software so I can always use my Tom Tom without crashes. 

The Tom Tom software is a must have for Tom Tom owners because of is the ability to streamline your TomTom use.

This software is a collection of data that the government has sourced that allows the end user to effectively update their device

This software requires that you own a TomTom which should be pretty obvious to people who are searching for the software.

It also requires a Windows 7 PC.

TomTom HOME 2.5 (19.71 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.9.7 (29.56 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.9.8 (29.67 MB)
TomTom HOME (29.68 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.9.91 (28.04 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.9.93 (28.05 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.9.94 (28.04 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.10.2 (28.05 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.10.4 (28.06 MB)
TomTom HOME 2.11.3 (28.07 MB)
Jack Lipchik
I know from experience with various stand alone navigation units (Garmin, UConnect, etc.) that updating your maps to current can be a chore and this variation in TomTom technology truly allows you to do it with ease and reassurance of quality.
TomTom HOME is an excellent management software to be used with your TomTom device which is ideal for those looking to track several operations simultaneously. Allowing for many functionalities such as changing the languages, themes and other services used with your device. You can also purchase maps and add traffic, among other things, making this a great add-on for users of this device.
TomTom devices have to deal with location services and helping you navigate to the location you would like to go. However, these devices have to be constantly updated to deal with real time events. With TomTom HOME, you can add updates and new services with greater ease. It serves as a way to manage your TomTom devices and add all the functions you need for these. It's a great software to upgrade a device you already have and serves to add extra functions and updates.
There are many apps for different purposes, but I was searching app for navigation purpose at that time I got this app TomTom HOME which really helps to full fill my navigation needs. I am a restaurant manager, due to this quarantine we are supposed to deliver the food instead of dinning. In this case the above uses to find out the customer's location and it is user friendly for our employees by instructing the traffic areas, short cuts, exact distance, etc.,
Tom Tom HOME for Windows is a really great product. It is very easy to set up and operate. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that travels on a regular basis.
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