A utility that uses the PLL of your system to increase or decrease the overall clock including CPU, FSB, RAM, PCIE and PCI

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The ClockGen program allows the user to change the CPU frequency, memory, PCI, PCI-Express and AGP frequencies in real time while being directly in the Windows operating system and to monitor the system parameters. The program includes the Frequency Generator (PLL) module and system monitoring tools. Many motherboards are supported. For example, with Abit, AOpen, Asus, Epox, Gigabyte, Intel, MSI, DFI, Matsonic, Shuttle and others.

ClockGen is a software program that allows people to change their to change the CPU frequency, memory, PCI, PCI-Express and AGP frequencies in real time. Essentially all motherboards are supported, like Asus, Epox, Gigabyte, Intel, and others. ClockGen is an essential software program to monitor and maintain the functionality of your computer.
Looks like a good product but I'm not sure if it appeals to enough viewers to justify a purchase. Also a clearer layout and examples of use would be nice. In order to appeal to more people perhaps try using a more concise description. Think it looks great though. Would consider downloading myself
A set of overclocking programes. Once you get your PLL model selected, click on "Read Clocks", then open the "PLL Control"
I travel for the company I work for and ClockGen for windows was the perfect software product for me. It did not take up much storage space. It was quite easy to use. It creates a streamline performance when working with clients. I am super pleased to have found this product and I recommend it to all of my colleagues. I have had some people, who aren't computer savvy, tell me it's so easy to use and understand. I am thrilled that it is such a cost-efficient software. I wouldn't use anything else.
I love using ClockGen for Windows because it's a program that makes it easy to modify the clocks that are associated with your device's operating system. It takes only a few clicks to set up. It has totally transformed my gaming experience since I've used it to change my processor's frequency, thus making me a much more efficient player and competitor.
If you go to the ClockGen website, you'll see that ClockGen settings do not as of yet remain permanent after reboot. ClockGen is a program dedicated to overclocking. The main purpose is to change the system clocks on fly.
I love using ClockGen for Windows because it's a program that makes it really easy to optimize your software processor so that you can make the most of the utilities that you have. It is fully compatible with Windows devices and I appreciate that it doesn't take up much storage space so it runs pretty efficiently, without slowing down your computer at all.
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