Secunia PSI

by Secunia

Free security tool provided for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Secunia

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Secunia Software Inspector will analyze your operating system and software for version security and lack of security updates. Standard analysis usually takes 5 to 40 seconds, while advanced analysis can take several minutes.

Secunia PSI detects all installed software and categorizes your software into the following categories Unsafe, Overdue, Updated. The application effectively focuses your attention on software for which safer versions from manufacturers are available.

NOTE: For personal use only.

- calculates your unique Secunia system account;

- automatically scans your computer;

- allows you to update your insecure/Feasured Software;

- provides direct links to download security updates and patches;

- Detects and advises on more than 4,700 applications;

- Direct correlation between thousands of Secunia bulletins and your specific system and software;

- Secure connection with SSL encryption to Secunia.

If you're looking for a computer security program that works quickly and efficiently, then you should check out Secunia PSI for Windows. This program tracks down any vulnerabilities that might exist in external programs which can increase your PC's risk of an attack. It scans your device to ensure that your data is safeguarded against falling into the wrong hands, and then gives your computer the security updates required.
The computer security will help your computer stay safe all the time. If you use this product to your advantage it will save you from all types of problems that you might endure with your computers security. This app can be very benefical if you use it to your electronic advantage.
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