by Podien

This displays the temperatures, fan speed, voltages, system values and RAM's contents

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Podien

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CPUCool is a program that allows you to reduce the CPU temperature and change the FSB frequency, display the motherboard temperature, fan speed, voltage, hard disk temperature and optimize CPU performance. It is possible to use this program as a gadget for Sidebar in Windows Vista.

This seem to be a cool software to use, It can allow the temperature of the cpu reduce. This can help a lot of computer user cool down their cpu with this product. It can show the user the temperature of different details of the hard disk. It can be a sidebar for user who has window vista.
As it name applies, the software helps cool down and overall make your CPU run more efficiently. It lets you know how your internal computer is running and can also help you lower the negative portions of it. Very easy to use for all consumers and helpful
IIt is keep your PC for best performance and if you play any high level games it will be lower the Temparature.. IIt is measure your temperature and lower your processor under 80 degree celcius.
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