CloudFlare DynDNS Updater

by Xtracut, Inc

CloudFlare DynDNS Updater is a tool for automatically updating your CloudFlare DNS records to keep your IP address up-to-date.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Xtracut, Inc

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CloudFlare DynDNS Updater

CloudFlare DynDNS Updater is a software program that allows users to keep their Dynamic DNS (DDNS) hostnames updated with their current IP address. It is designed to be used with CloudFlare, a global CDN and web security provider. With CloudFlare DynDNS Updater, users can keep their domain name pointing to the correct IP address and ensure that their domain is always accessible.

The CloudFlare DynDNS Updater allows users to automatically keep their domain's IP address up-to-date.

• Automatically updates DDNS hostnames with their current IP address
• Supports multiple DDNS hostnames
• Supports Dynamic DNS protocols, including DynDNS and No-IP
• Easy to use and configure
• Compatible with CloudFlare
• Logs all IP address changes
• Can be set to update IP address at regular intervals
• Can be set to run as a Windows service
• Can be used with a proxy


The CloudFlare DynDNS Updater software makes it easy to keep your domain name pointing to the correct IP address. With this software, you can ensure that your domain is always accessible and that your visitors can always reach your website.

The software can be used with a proxy, and it will automatically update your IP address at regular intervals. It also logs all IP address changes, so you can easily review any changes that have been made.

With CloudFlare DynDNS Updater, you can be confident that your domain name is always pointing to the correct IP address and that your visitors can reach your website. This software makes it easy to keep your domain name up to date, and it can help ensure that your website is always accessible.
1. Operating System: The software should be able to run on any of the current versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

2. Programming Language: The software should be written in a high-level programming language such as Python, Java, or C#.

3. CloudFlare API: The software should be able to communicate with the CloudFlare API to update DNS records.

4. User Interface: The software should provide a user-friendly interface for managing and configuring the DNS records.

5. Security: The software should be designed with security in mind, to ensure that the DNS records are not tampered with by malicious actors.

6. Logging: The software should provide logging capabilities to track and monitor all DNS updates.
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CloudFlare DynDNS Updater is a useful software if you need to keep track of dynamic IP addresses. It is easy to use and efficient. The configuration process is straightforward, with clear instructions. It also provides notifications, so you know when your IP address changes. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The app can be installed on multiple systems and works without any problems. I have used it for a few months and never had any issues with it. It is also fast and reliable when it comes to updating IP addresses. All in all, it is a great software for keeping your dynamic IP addresses up to date.
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