by Clrmame

Improves the experience and functionality of the MAME emulator

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Clrmame

Release: CLRMamePro 4.021a

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CLRMAMEPro is software intended to improve and offer tools towards the MAME emulator experience. MAME refers to multiple arcade machine emulation, and as such is an open sourced emulator intended to recreate several arcade games on a pc another compatible device. CLRMAMEPro offers several tools and a GUI interface that the MAME emulator does not have by default, that improves the emulator experience and makes it easier for the user to manage ROMs and the emulator itself.


  • Merge and unmerge various ROMs saved onto the PC.
  • Manage the size of ROMs, and specifically resize ROMs that are incorrectly sized.
  • Locate ROMs and files associated with emulation, to ensure the MAME emulator works correctly.
  • Find old ROM files, and update and change the name, and other information of the ROM for correct emulation.

CLRMAMEPro is software intended to be used in conjunction with the MAME emulator. As such, its functionality is dependent on the emulator, and the emulator is necessary for CLRMAMEPro to function properly. CLRMAMEPro offers several tools and features that assist the user in ensuring saved ROMs are correct and able to be used in the MAME emulator. The MAME emulator by default does not have these features, and the user would have to manually locate the files and correct any mistakes associated with the ROM. This is a lengthy and time-consuming experience, and CLRMAMEPro streamlines the process and makes it easier and quicker for the user to resolve any mistakes with the MAME emulator. The software is compatible with all versions of the MAME emulator and is able to be downloaded and used on Windows OS devices, XP and newer. The software does not take up more than 10mb of space, and in general, is quick and easy to install and utilize on a Windows Device. The software is overall a beneficial add-on to the MAME emulator, and would benefit users who utilize various ROMs with the emulator, and wants to ensure everything works smoothly.

CLRMAMEPro helps manage the MAME emulator and all associated ROMs
I had no idea this feature was available and it has helped out a lot already. The comfort of having errors and bugs fixed with the program saves me so much time on doing the manual work. Great program add on!
If you are a big fan of ROMs and enjoy Multi Arcade Machine Emulator, then chances are you have found yourself struggling to organize the files. CLRMamePro for Windows was designed just to help separate ROM files by category. There are useful functions built-in, such as quick access to the scanner and rebuilder. CLRMamePro for Windows can also help manage your ROMs by creating profiles for different versions.
Archie Benz
CLRMamePro for Windows has been around since late 90s created to manage ROM files for MAME game emulator. Later it has been used for other emulators. it can find the missing games, ROM files; can find and rename ROM files;merge and unmerge ROM files; find and remove unneeded files; rebuild game sets. The software is only 2 Mb and installs fast, soon the user is up and running. the software can be scheduled to be updated weekly, daily or monthly. The user interface is clearly organized into Scanner, Re-builder, Merger, Settings, Profiler and About. When first launched Profiler comes up first and displays installed emulators and data files. Main advantage of the software in my opinion is Rebuilder is a breeze, it can find and fix ROM files instead of re-downloading them, the Scanner too finds issues and notifies the user. The software is not perfect, it does have issues while automatically managing emulators. A constant backup is really useful, to avoid unforeseen errors which are hard to fix
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