by Oreans Technologies

Protect your work from being copied and edited

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oreans Technologies

Release: Themida

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Themida is an awesome program that is designed to protect applications for software cracking. If you are a software developer then this is a program that you want to pick up for yourself. While it may not seem like it, software developers have to deal with a number of hazards when they develop their applications. One of the biggest problems is having their work stole, cracked, and redistributed without their consent. Themida completely eliminates that problem.


  • Free to try.
  • Advance windows software protection.
  • Protect against advanced reverse engineering.
  • Protect your work from software cracking.
  • Encrypt all parts of your code.

Themida is an amazing product overall. Not only does it have a large number of methods to protect your application. It allows you to fully customize how you protect your software and applications. For example, if you want to prevent hackers from gaining access to your program's code. You can just encrypt the entire code so that hackers can't find it. In addition to that, you can throw a bunch of junk code into your program to throw off even the most advanced cyber thieves. The sheer amount of combinations available in Themida makes it virtually impossible to have your work stolen.

I personally like hiding specific files in my programs to make the process simple. There is a small learning curve when using this program. This is especially true if you are messing with the advanced options like putting in junk code. However don't get discouraged, the program is still considered very user-friendly. The interface is very easy to navigate since everything is menu based. There is no guesswork as to where to locate certain options. 

Themida is a utility program that protects software from tampering.
Themida (6.77 MB)
Themida (31.8 MB)
Themida is pretty cool. It is a utility program that protects software from tampering. There is a small learning curve to start off but is still pretty user-friendly. You can customize a hole lot about how you want to protect your applications. Themida will totally help you keep all your work secure.
David Hendrick
Themida is really used for advanced window software protection system
Themida is advanced protection software for the developer side. this system of software gives as multilevel of protection process against bug creators and crackers. this will help the application developer to give their trial application with the protection layer. code virtualization provided here to secure the developer's code from the reverse engineering process.options of the software is user friendly and customizable.from disassembler and debuggers save developers.
Have you thought of a secure tool that is reliable as a programmer then think no more, think Themida. Themida as a software is developed to secure user experience by ensuring that complicated tasks are made simpler. Users can determine easily the protection settings they need for files they would prefer to upload by clicking on checkboxes. Themida encrypts these files and invalidates debuggers securing files. This is a plus as files can be sent with more security over windows OS where the program can run.
The language coding that is tied to Themida is quite tremendous. If you can use this kind of software to work on C++ coding projects, then you have definitely moved forward with your future in coding. Software protection can be very important in the world of coding. Once you have an idea of how to code properly, and you have great virus protection for different software programs, then you are ready to go. Business analysts that look at the future are going to look for preparedness when it comes to cyberware and Themida can certainly play a role in developing the right type of cyberware.
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