by Abelssoft

A text encryption program that securely stores data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Abelssoft

Release: Codify 2016

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Codify is a quick and easy encryption app, that message recipients don't need to pay to use. Recipients only need the free version of the software and the password/encryption key to decrypt a message. However, the Pro version is needed to encrypt files.

Codify works on encrypting a range of text and files, from Microsoft Word and PDF Documents to email attachments. Text can be entered into Codify by either typing in the interface, or by copy and paste the desired text. To decrypt the text, recipients just copy and paste the encrypted message, and enter their password.

Codify offers a list of passwords to choose from for encrypting the data. Codify has a single-window interface that uses minimal system resources. However, Codify does not have access restrictions, and should not be used on a shared computer, as any user could gain access to the passwords. You can choose to manually enter your own password or to choose a password that Codify already has in their system. 

Codify uses  AES-256 encryption, which is very strong with a proper key choice. Previously, the NSA had difficulties cracking AES-256 encryption, and it's considered an acceptable encryption method for top-secret documents in the United States.

Codify has two methods of installation: standard and portable. The portable installation allows users to install Codify onto a USB stick. 

Codify's setup contains around 26 files, which take up 15.12 MB. Most users use Codify with Windows 7 or Windows 10. Codify was developed by Abelssoft GmbH, and over 60% of users are located in Germany. Codify is also popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

One-click encryption and decryption

  • One-click encryption
  • Recipients only need free version to decrypt messages
  • Algorithm approved for encrypting classified government documents
  • Works on any text-based data
  • List of potential encryption passwords

The name Codify is also popularly used by business software developers, and can lead to some confusion.

Codify 3.104 (3.63 MB)
Codify 2016 (3.63 MB)
I'm a big fan of Codify for Windows because this program makes it so incredibly easy to make text that's safe and secure. And Codify's abilities don't stop there. The tool lets you edit text quickly and you can encrypt it yourself without having any prior knowledge of encryption or how it works. To decrypt the text, all that's needed is Codify and the passcode.
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