ConceptDraw Office

by ConceptDraw

An all encompassing tool to manage any business

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ConceptDraw

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ConceptDraw for Windows users is a powerful, all-encompassing management tool, that is designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of any business management platform.  ConceptDraw uses the concept of three integrated drawing platforms to increase the understanding and capabilities of your business. 

Diagram V14 offers a vast amount of graphic options to diagram all aspects of your business.

MindmapV12 is essential for offering new and creative ideas for strategic planning and team management.

Project V11 provides various comprehensive features to assist with project management and keeping your teams organized in a manner that produces the best results.

By using all three processes you are able to see your current business processes laid out on a comprehensive map while using the innovative softwares' graphing, mapping, and charting capabilities to brainstorm and come up with new and exciting ways to increase productivity and sales while keeping costs at bay.  It helps you organize all of your reporting and managing details so that you are working smart and not wasting time trying to find the correct data that you need or trying to organize it in a way that makes sense.  ConceptDraw does this all for you so that you can concentrate on making your company better and more productive. ConceptDray also offers extensive importing and exporting capabilities to integrate the system with all of your existing software.  You are able to use the exporting capabilities to present all of the materials to clients and colleagues at meetings. 

This is an exciting and innovative way of charting and mapping out your entire business from start to finish in order to easily see where you are excelling and where you can use some help.  The software assists in brainstorming new ideas to increase your company's productivity so that you can compete in your particular industry. It provides everything your business needs to begin a new and exciting path to success.

Both powerful and user friendly way of managing your business

  • Vast amounts of business management capabilities
  • Drag and drop
  • Includes 3 software products: Diagram V14, MindmapV12, Project V11
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Free trial
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