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CoolPack is a collection of simulation models for refrigeration systems

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Publisher: The Company IPU

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CoolPack is a complex of utilities intended for carrying out calculations and building models of refrigeration systems. With their help it is possible to display in the form of formulas and graphs the physical properties of refrigerants, to simulate refrigeration cycles, to carry out energy efficiency calculation, as well as to check the models in the dynamic simulation mode. These programs are designed primarily for engineers involved in the construction and analysis of industrial refrigeration systems, refrigerators, and other refrigeration equipment using various coolants and cryoagents as coolants. The program includes more than 40 cryo- and refrigerants (from nitrogen to fluorodichlorobromethane) with all their features and properties.

CoolPack consists of several groups of programs divided into tabs. The first tab contains three main programs: Refrigeration Utilities, Refrigerant calculator and Secondary fluids for heat transfer. The first one allows to carry out calculations of the transition period and to make diagrams of pressure (Bar) of the coolant and enthalpy (kJ/kg). The Refrigerant calculator can be used to calculate the properties of individual states for refrigerants, while Secondary fluids for heat transfer is needed to calculate the auxiliary fluids for heat transfer, and it is also possible to know the pressure drop coefficient.

The Dynamic simulation utility for dynamic simulation of coolant behavior under various conditions deserves special mention. It can provide approximate results of the use of certain refrigerants, energy consumption and other parameters depending on external factors, such as ambient temperature.

The rest of the CoolPack tabs contain auxiliary utilities for analyzing compressor operation cycles, constructing the basic circuits of cooling systems and so on. The following utilities can be found: Engeneering Equation Solver, CoolTools: Cycle Analysis, CoolTools: Design and Auxiliary.

Wow, if I were a refrigeration designer or repair person, I would use this software. There are many formulas for regrigeration that cannot be memorized and need to be research to be able to use them.
CoolPack for Windows is the software you need if you want to design the best refrigeration and HVAC systems around. This comprehensive software enables you to design the most dynamic and effective refrigeration unit for the area. Hotel, restaurant, apartments, duplexes if you want the best looking and best working designs that also give you the option to save space then this software is for you.
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