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A software that allows you to download movies as soon as they are available

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CouchPotato

Release: CouchPotato 3.0.1

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Last revision: Last week

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I'm a movie reviewer and fanatic that loves to watch tons of movies as soon as they come out. CouchPotato has been the movie fix that I desperately needed as of late. It has allowed me to watch a ton of new releases whenever I want, all from the comfort of my own home. I was struggling to meet my weekly movie review quotas due to the fact that finding new releases was hard. Ever since using this program, my movie watching efficiency has risen, and I've been able to post an absurd amount of new movie reviews. My kids love being able to watch all of these new movies too. It's kept them busy and given me more time to spend with my wife. 

There are various useful tools for CouchPotato that I will talk about now. First off, multiple web browsers are supported, so you don't have to worry about needing to download a specific one. Second, is the option to be able to choose movies you want to see before they are even released! Once you select a future movie you want, all you have to do is wait for it to come out! It will be ready to watch as soon as it's released. Everything will be automatic, and it's very convenient! It's saved me hours of having to search the internet for releases. The auto-download is by far my most used feature. CouchPotato also gives you the ability to preset the download quality. So if you don't want the movies being multiple gigabytes, you can set them to a lower quality. Having this control is very important for me since I can download the movies at a faster rate if I need to. You can also set videos in folders as well as choose which search engine you want to find your movies. CouchPotato really lets you customize what films you like and how you like them. It's gotten me on my job's good side. I no longer worry about how I'm going to find and get my movie review in on time. I just find whatever movie I need, download it, and then create my review! 

If you love movies, CouchPotato should be an instant download for you. It's opened my world up to so many new videos that I wouldn't have seen before. 

Helps you download any movie you want

  • Wanted movie list 
  • Multiple browsers supported 
  • Extension tool 
  • Download quality settings
  • favorite tool 
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