by ZookaWare

Defend your computer from spyware and other malicious compromising threats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ZookaWare

Release: SpyZooka

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Spy Zooka here to defend your computer and your information from the spyware epidemic of today's modern technologically advanced world. There is not anything that spyware cannot do once it gets hold of your computer, stealing data like your logins, bank account information, documents, photos, practically anything you have typed or stored on your PC. That is where Spy Zooka comes into play. With functions that allow you different options on how to scan through your system and guides you through how to remove the spyware (if any) is identified on your system. Spy Zooka also has a preset database of known spyware and threats that it is programmed automatically to block and is being added to on a daily basis.


  • Preset Spy Zooka to scan when it is convenient and mind easing for you; scan automatically at every start-up, or you can use the built-in comprehensive scan scheduler to set specific days and times and repeated time increment scans
  • Works seamlessly with all variations of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers
  • Simple, clean easy to understand user interface that allows users to navigate with ease
  • Set a custom scan of one specific folder or a combination of any number of designated folders to scan through
  • Simultaneously view the specifics of cookies that have been tracked and identified spyware at the same time as running a scan
  • Preset a list of allowances to programs that you want to either allow or stop from running
  • Built-in file shredder that permanently eradicates the files of your choosing from your computer
  • Built-in system reporting function that allows a user to see how the space, speed, and processes of their system are doing
  • Generates easy to understand reports that show the user when scans were performed, what was identified and quarantined, what was removed, and the last time Spy Zooka was updatedCompatible with Windows versions Vista, 7, all versions of 8, and all versions of 10. 


Provides daily updates to shield the user's computer from even the newest types and variations of threats
Nick Ellis
This is the software that they played defense your computer from viruses and other malicious software that might be floating around on the Internet
SpyZookais a spyware removal it removes trojan horse adware keyloggers worms rootkits it detects it upon arrival and notifies you about their presents in this age and time where there are numerous programs that can be used to perform all sorts of unwanted activities and spying on your computer SpyZooka can be readily depended on to help protects against so many malware that is threatening the normal functionality of your computer it is readily available for windows
SpyZooka provides an affordable way to clean one's computer from Viruses and Malware. It can definitely free up disk space while repairing browser and internet problems. It definitely seems to work effectively and is similar to other services available. I think that this service is very important and necessary.
Blake Kruse
Really thought this one was like the others, it's completely different. It really boosts your internet speeds! It makes browsing faster as the pages load faster and increases the speed of your PC! I would recommend to anyone with slow internet as it works wonders!
SpyZooka is a program that works in three very simple steps. First, it will scan your spyware. Second, it will detect any programs you don't want. And third, it will any help you get rid of those programs. All you need to do is click one button. SpyZooka keeps programs that you want safe since it features a large whitelist. You can set it to run a custom scan or an automatic scan.
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