by Arcai

A security tool for Windows PCs used to protect your WiFi network

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Arcai

Release: Netcut 2.1.4

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9768

Netcut is a security tool used to instantly detect who is on your Wireless/Wire network. You do not need to have any knowledge in the network to run this tool because it will do it for you. When you run Netcut you will see all IP and MAC and devices names in your network. You can control, change MAC, turn on/off within the Netcut tool.  This free tool has so much to offer


  • Allows you to know who is connected to your network at any given time.
  • Protect your network from spoof attacks: Netcut allows users to protect his/her network from unwanted users who have gained access to your network without proper authorization. Netcut gives users an extra level of protection by protecting sensitive information from theft.
  • Ability to reassign MAC addresses: The Netcut security tool gives you the ability to rename the MAC addresses in your system to names that are easier to remember. You also have the ability to remove or add MAC addresses from the MAC address filter whenever you want.
  • Switch devices On and Off The security tool allows the user to switch devices On/Off that are connected to your network as you please. The security tool essentially works as a universal remote. 
  • The Netcut tool also gives you the ability to control the speed of any WiFi that is in your WiFi router. 

Netcut is known for being easily navigated. Even those novice users with no networking experience have the ability to use the system easily. 

No network knowledge is required to use this tool


A1SCA9REYZD5W2 (unverified)
Netcut is a software tool used for security purpose on the Windows / PC,especially for protecting Wifi network. It uses the TCP or UDP protocol for reading and writing to the network connections. It is also used to give the information about all the devices connected within a network and its a great tool.
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