Privacy Guardian

by PC Tools Software

The privacy protection software for your personal safety

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PC Tools Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Privacy Guardian really gives you the privacy experience you need. In this day and age, you never know what is tracking your information, or gathering data about you and your family unknowingly. This software cleans out all of your information, so you don't need to worry about a thing.


  • Privacy Guardian automatically checks all major browsers for cleaning
  • You can choose what all information you want it to save or throw out
  • Clears out browser history
  • clears out passwords
  • Clears out your download log
  • Clears cookies
  • Clear auto-complete data if you would like
  • Erases recent file histories
  • Clears operating system records
  • Clears any data in Microsoft office you would like it to
  • Hides or clears information from a peer to peer file sharing software
  • Hides or clears information from your email
  • Hides or clears information from media players
  • Hides or clears information from chat programs
  • It makes it so any deleted information can never be recovered ever again by anyone 
  • Have a problem? Their tech support is second to none

In conclusion, Privacy Guardian is an excellent choice for your personal safety if you use computers for any reason. It's hard in this day and age to stay protected. Viruses, scams, and hackers are on the rise, and something must be done about it. Something must stand in their way. The answer is clear, and its name is Privacy Guardian! It's what you need to be connected and protected. 

It cleans not only your browsers but all messaging apps as well.

Be it Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or any major browser. Privacy Guardian is the way to go for you and your family to stay safe in a world of data. It can be challenging to know what data is out there, but with Privacy Guardian, you will surely see that you are protected, and you and your family can sleep safely knowing it's helping you.

The Privacy Guardian software creates a safer online experience for all users. It has the ability to monitor all online activity to ensure that each users personal data remains safe and protected. This software also has the ability to remove all personal data, browsing history, passwords, cookies, and cached data from all devices after each use. The Privacy Guardian software gives users a peace of mind and provides the ultimate level of protection!
PicBlock is a porn-blocking utility for windows. It blocks porn being viewed on a computer. It also recognises external hardware plug ins that could possibly be used to view porn. This is a great piece of software for parents who are worried about their kids having access to or watching porn.
Taking extra steps to maintain your privacy is getting harder and harder but Privacy Garden for Windows gives some of the control back to the user. Privacy Garden can clear activity and history that is stored in your browser. It can even clean the data in hidden files that you can't normally access. Anytime you visit a website, your data is saved and thanks to Privacy Garden you can have more control over the privacy of your data.
Jake Wilde
If you're like I am, I am always seraching for no tracking searches for the internet. This product is like a browser ad-on, to prevent tracking. Yes, there are many technical support software programs to complete this task. This is another, but with PC Magazine endorsement. Its worth a free trial. If it works for you, you may want to try out other solutions from this company,also. Written from a reputable company,they've been in business for several years. Try it, it may work well for you and your system.
I think this is a very good product it help control problems with your computer.
Privacy Guardian is software designed for those who need to clear all traces from their PC, for those who truly desire privacy in this age of numerous tracking techniques. Privacy Guardian has features like file shredding, in which all of your files that you need gone will be permanently destroyed, as well as a tracker eraser, to keep those pesky companies from knowing your every move. Although this software features no stealth mode, the auto task scheduler as well as and super fast removal make it a considerable option for those out on the look for some privacy.
This app allows you to protect your computer and the 30 days money-back guarantee makes it even worth the try.I CHOOSE TO PROTECT MY PRIVACY. Anonymous browsing and with thwarted invasive monitoring!!!!!!
This software product is very nice. Interacting with this software is very nice & effortless (simply perfect). The user interface is extra-ordinary & its easy to understand the features. It obviously responds perfectly and the operation completes in a very short period. Entirely very new & innovative.
You want to be invincible online without being pried on or tracked against your will? This is your best tool to mask your online presence and move swiftly as you deem fit. You do not have to be pensive losing your data to theft as this software has been proven to guide against such. Get yourself this tool and start feeling safe online again.
Staying safe on the internet is difficult these days but Privacy Guardian has made that even easier for me. It offers a multitude of features to ensure your safety, anonymous browsing was quick to set up and shields my IP from sites, it also keeps my search history private and also clears invasive browser monitoring and clears cookies upon leaving a site which is really handy. It's a must-have program.
Never worry about your device's security again! This app makes sure that all of your information and data is secure. The best part is that it stops online ads from popping up and disrupting your browsing. It keeps other sites from accessing important information like your credit history. It makes sure that your data is not sold or compromised. It also has cool features like clearing your cookies automatically. My favorite is the ability to do a private search and launch a private shield.
The Privacy Guardian software program is meant to be used to erase permanently any and all records or traces of your activity online. One of the features it has is that the program will erase the activity tracking on Microsoft Office history. Privacy Guardian will also perform clean up functions scheduled for start up and shut down events
Privacy guardian helps to remove cookies and caches, temporary files from your computer automatically. It uses to guard many websites and windows to collect your data and protect your privacy. Software available at free cost tools and paid also.
Privacy Guardian for Windows is very unique as to how it helps one to protect one's privacy, privacy Guardian wipes browser traces and keeps Windows from compromising your privacy, it has exciting features to Foil browser fingerprinting and also you and your family don't need to do subscription individually One subscription covers whole household I highly recommend this
If you need protection from identity theft, internet tracing, and privacy while browsing the internet then Privacy Guardian has you covered keeping you safe from anyone trying to learn any information about you! Backed by their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Privacy Guardian aims to even keep you safe from website that try to sell your data and targeted ads so give Privacy Guardian a try today!
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