by Foundstone

Detect security vulnerabilities in computer systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Foundstone

Release: SuperScan 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SuperScan is a nice little program that will help you detect security vulnerabilities in computer systems. SuperScan is a search tool that will find any open TCP and UDP ports on a computer that you point it at.

One reason that you may want to find these ports is just to challenge yourself to see what information is available online. It can be very informative and educational to find out how other systems work and it can help you build a more robust and secure system of your own.

Finding these open ports would allow you to download files hosted on that computer as well. So you can use this as a file sharing tool as well. You would have to know a little bit about how computers work for it to be most effective. But that isn't too complex and you should be able to fully understand everything even with minimal training.

Once SuperScan finds results it can automatically run tools including whois, traceroute, and hostname lookups to determine which computer it's found its way into. This is very interesting and useful information because it will let you see how far you've virtually traveled. You can log this information to a file so you would be able to more easily compare results later on.

The latest version of SuperScan was upgraded to incorporate Windows functionality. So, in addition, you would be able to find out some information about Windows itself on the computer you've found. This information can include NetBIOS, the various accounts on the computer, and what services are running.

SuperScan is a completely free program that requires Windows to run. It can create hours of fun for those interested in computer security or if you're just starting to learn about it. Either way, it's a really unique and effective tool that is worth checking out!

SuperScan will help users of any level determine if there's any security holes in their system.
SuperScan 3.0 (0.24 MB)
SuperScan 4.0 (0.24 MB)
SuperScan appears to be an extremely educational tool to teach about computer security. The ability to see what TCP and UDP ports are open on a particular computer (and to download the files hosted on that computer) is enlightening, and should hammer home the need to make sure that one’s computer is completely secure.
I've always been a security freak when it came to technology and this properly lets me fix some security issues that I might have on my computer.
Oliver Clifton
It works great! It detects all of my ports and was really easy to setup. Kudos to the creators of SuperScan!
I'm a network administrator and I was looking for an application to manage and control the network and domain issues. One of my friends suggested me to try with " SuperScan" for Windows. Using this utility, I can able to solve all the issues related to host names. Additionally, scanning of TCP ports is also very fast that it saves a lot of time. I'm very much thankful for the team who have developed this application.
SuperScan for Windows is utility software designed for TCP/UDP port scanning. It is free software for networking tools like ping, traceroute, HTTP HEAD and whois. It can detect open TCP and UDP ports on a computer and get the services running on these ports. The tool is handy for system administrators, crackers and script kiddies in the evaluation of computer’s security.
I love using SuperScan for Windows because it makes it really easy to monitor my network and ensure that all of the connections and ports that are on the network are running in top shape. I love the efficiency of this tool and am always impressed by the speed of its scans, which are far superior to competitors on the market.
The superScan is a multifunctional tool . It will help you to manage the network and make sure your connections are well. The best feature of the tool that it work quickly. The scanning process will makes very faster and rapidly than other applications. The SuperScan tool is very simple, there did not have the installation process. The only thing that is need to launch it, when you are downloading the tool. In this tool the scanning makes simply and faster. The scanning will be done with on your network, TCP tool, IP addresses
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