by Ranquel Technologies

Highly effective file encryption tool for Windows users

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ranquel Technologies

Release: CryptoForge 5.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CryptoForge is an essential solution for keeping your computer files safe from those who you do not want accessing them.  This piece of software brings forth one of the most important aspects of computer use for both personal and business applications.  This aspect that needs addressing is the security of the files that you are using.  File encryption is a way to keep the files safe or making them not easily accessible.  The software does this by using public domain based algorithms that keep your files safe from anyone other than yourself. 

This system is actually easier to use than it seems. Files can easily be tagged as encrypted and will require the user to unlock them anytime a request is made for the files to be opened.   One of the key features of this encryption software is that it has the capability of keeping your data safe during an attack. As we have seen in recent years, attacks from hackers and other harmful parties have become more and more common. This has been not only the case for small and large business entities but also common everyday Americans. Having a simple encryption tool such as this one is another added layer of protection against these types of malicious attacks.   

Like any other encryption software package, the user must be sure not to forget his or her password.  The password is the only thing keeping the files secure, and without it, even the user who initially locked the files will not be able to gain access to them.   For this very reason, it is highly recommended that people who encrypt their files, do so with a password that they will not be able to forget under any circumstance.  It is also worth noting that this software is actually free! Unlike many of the other encryption tools in the market today, you do not have to pay to have full access to the encryption capabilities of this tool.  It is essential to be able to get all of the safety features without having to pay astronomical prices like some of the competitors out there.

Keep your precious files safe from attacks and hackers!

  • Very easy to use interface makes it accessible for almost anyone
  • Full encryption keeps file safe from attacks and hackers who want to access your files
  • Totally free of charge, you pay nothing for the complete protection of encryption
  • Based on public domain algorithms for maximum file protection 
CryptoForge 5.2.1 (7.76 MB)
CryptoForge 5.4.0 (7.78 MB)
I frequently rely on CryptoForge for Windows since it's a software program that allows me to easily encrypt files before then shredding them. It only takes a single click of my mouse to complete the encryption so it's very quick and convenient. I love CryptoForge since it enables top-notch data protection regardless of what media type or format the data is on.
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