SafeHouse Personal Edition

by PC Dynamics

A software that generates virtual drives in order to store away important data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PC Dynamics

Release: SafeHouse Personal Edition 3.07

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SafeHouse Personal Edition is a software that allows users to produce virtual drives in any type of adjustable size to store away any necessary private data, files, or folders. This application allows users to store any type of data that would be in need of storing away. This can range from personal data to necessary professional data. The data can range from Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, notes, pictures, or videos, any data on your device that one would like to store away from others. This application can be used for devices that are used by many people, such as a family computer or laptop, where multiple have access to SafeHouse Personal Edition will hide any files, folders, or data from anyone actively using the device.

The installation of the software is simple and easy to understand, once it is installed the user is required to create virtual drives in sizes of their choice, which can be adjusted later if needed and assign a master password to it, these steps are simple and easy enough for anyone to do, it also allows users to pick and choose where the virtual drives can be saved on the device, for easy access and setup, it designed so people who have little to no experience can also use it. The application can be used on both a desktop computer or laptop, while still allowing users to export to external drives, such as USBs and/or DVDs, giving users multiple choices of how they would like to keep their data stored and kept away. 

SafeHouse Personal Edition doesn't require users to have smart card support. This software is designed to keep files secure and safe with a high level of encryption for the user or others to use the device to browse local files freely and with no worries of seeing the hidden data. 

Stores away any private data, files and folders in a private location

  • Compatible with most Windows tools and applications
  • Easy installation
  • Hides and conceals away necessary data
  • Works on external drives (USB & DVDs)
  • High strength encryption
safeHouse Personal Edition is an excellent solution for keeping your data private by generating virtual storage volumes that keep almost all of your files and folders safe and concealed from illegal access. You just build a virtual storage volume after installation. This is a simple process that entails generating a master password (which you must remember) as well as volume-specific variables such as capacity, etc. Among the key features are: Twofish 256-bit sophisticated encryption. Windows Explorer is fully integrated. Microsoft Office is supported. All papers, spreadsheets, images, and videos are hidden, locked, and encrypted. There is no limit to the number of private storage vaults that can be as large as 2,000 Gigabytes each. The system tray icon allows you to access all of your protected files with a single click. Password strength metre in graphical form. Optional virtual smart card Ultimately, SafeHouse Personal Edition performs admirably when it comes to encrypting your data with powerful methods. However, the lack of an auto file system, a digital shredder, and the inability to distribute encrypted files to persons who do not have SafeHouse software installed makes this security tool an acquired taste.
Safehouse personal edition software is one of the protect data and files software. In this software used for all type of files and data hide and secured. All files mean videos, images and spreadsheets. All types of data hided successfully. So safehouse is used for all departments. Its mostly used army forces and security system. So safehouse software is some files secured and hided easily. and this software is free and installation is very fast.
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