Password Manager XP

by CP-Lab

A password manager for use on most platforms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CP-Lab

Release: Password Manager XP 3.3.735

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Password Manager XP is a password manager with today's user in mind.  It was created to help secure store information and keep it secure.  With all of the devices we use in our technical lives, having a secure way to store your passwords, credit card, PINS, and other sensitive information is a must. It allows you to set up databases with different encrypted passwords, which keeps your data protected.  

One of the best features of this password manager is that if you leave your device unattended, it will automatically exit, and your information will be protected while you are away.  

Password Manager XP is also your go-to for form filling on the internet and the most used Windows applications.  Its compatible is with most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.  It can also be used on Android devices, so when you are away from your computer, you still have your information at your fingertips.

This program can also be used in a business setting for groups that are working on sensitive projects and need access to the same information but can be set for only certain people to be able to access confidential information and to change the main login, only an administrator can change it.  A great feature if you work remotely and need access to important information when you're not at your computer.  

This program will allow you to install directly to your device or onto removable media so you can have your most-used sensitive with you, and you will not have to reinstall to different devices to get to your information.  This saves extra space on your devices!


  • High Security
  • Multi-User Compatible
  • Form filler for several browsers
  • Easy to Use
  • Password Generator
There are plenty of password managers built directly into your browsers these days. Using a completly different app for something as trvial as password management in 2021. Password management is important but theres no reason to use a whole other program for it. If anythign it just options you up to more vunerabilites because now all your passwords are located in one space that has security that you can really trust.
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