by InterCrypto Software

Advanced encryption package ( AEP PRO ) with the ability to encrypt files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: InterCrypto Software

Release: Crypt4Free 5.64

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Crypt4Free is an intuitive and simple-to-use freeware license model, conceived and programmed by SecureAction Research released on 09/12/2012.

The primary purpose of Crypt4Free is to encrypt, protect your professional data, compress and shred files using two main industrial encryption algorithms ( considered standards )  : 

  1. DESX ( or DES-X ). In cryptography, it is considered a variant of the block cipher ( Data Encryption Standard ) developed with the precise task of increasing the resistance to brute force attacks, though, a technique called key whitening, the original DES algorithm was presented for the first time in 1976 with a large 56bit key, which with the passage of time and progress of technology, get old and obsolete, that's why DESX today has a 64bit key.
  2. Blowfish is a symmetric block key algorithm, planned and used for the first time in 1993 and implemented in many cryptography software, invented for general use, to date, it seems to have aroused the interest of many as, replaced the old blocks, Blowfish today it has a 64bit blocks and a key that varies from 32 to 448bits. Also, Blowfish is not subject to any patent and is therefore freely usable by anyone; fact, in some implementations, Blowfish uses a memory area much greater than the theoretical 4kB of RAM, that's why this algorithm is not a problem even for older, personal computers.

Crypt4Free support .zip file and allow users to browse and extract files we already have, already existing files and create new ones with it. 

Completely free from spyware and adware making it safe

Crypt4Free can also encrypt any email text which can be sent via an app using IM ( instant message ) services, like AOL ( America on Line, Internet service provider, active in web research and software development ) or ICQ ( Software of instant messaging, which allows you to send instant messages, even to offline users like SMS and URLs: start multi-user chats and online games, transfer files, give the possibility to receive emails via POP3 and to share a remote folder, some of the features, however, are based on using additional plug-ins ) both for business and private users.

Crypt4Free also includes some privacy tools that will automatically remove URLs' history, favorites, and passwords keeping undesired '' eyes '' away from your personal details.

  • Working will all Windows version
  • Freeware
Crypt4Free is going to change the way people view encryption. File encryption is a classic way of protecting any kind of data package. The program is possible to install on the Windows OS. Trust that it will work once it has been installed. The software package is free to use, which will add to the utility for many users. Think ahead and give Crypt4Free a chance in the near future. That can help anyone add security to their file packages on Windows.
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