Protects against viruses while working alongside other security software

Operating system: Windows

Release: CryptoPrevent 9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The software CryptoPrevent, which is currently on version 9, is malware protection for your personal or business computer. It does this by having an "open database" where they allow users to submit files they believe to be malicious so that even if their program does not catch it, it can still be blocked from other users.


  • Updates: Viruses change over time, so shouldn't your virus protection? The company, d7xTech, update this software when they come out with new additional features that can further protect you. Unlike other companies that just update their virus database, d7xTech updates certain aspects of the application to make it more user-friendly while simultaneously safer.
  • User-Friendly, not Hacker-Friendly: This program is made to be simple to use for the layman, but complex enough to avoid malware attacks. They do this by providing a variety of features on the application that allow you to change how the application reacts to certain file types and how it runs on your desktop or laptop.
  • Automatic Updates: The updates don't wait until you turn off your computer to install. They update the moment it is released to the public, but still running in the background so as not to disturb your work.
  • Two features that work hand-in-hand are the Honeypot Ransomware Protection and the KillEmAll version 5 integrations. These two features shut down non-essential programs and applications when an attack on your system is detected, in order to save your data from hackers and unwanted encryption. This means your operating system will still be running as it is considered essential.

CryptoProtection version 9 is a great software to use, especially if you already have another program installed. Windows operating system comes with Windows Defender, and normally these types of applications will view each other as threats, but with this application, there is no worry.

This software protects against viruses that are not even identified by other software that are similar by detecting any activity that can be perceived as malicious.
CryptoPrevent for Windows is a software created as a secondary way of protecting your privacy and also protects your computer from any attack from the outside
The prices for each plan are very reasonable. Automatic updates are a very big plus when it comes to software, especially if you are notified beforehand about how much space it'll take up. A downside is that it doesn't seem to accommodate to being downloaded on any operating system except for Windows. I like that it has repair options to make sure the software is running at tip top shape.
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CryptoPrevent for Windows is an anti-malware software designed to protect clients from malware and ransomware. It offers paid and free versions. The free version includes Software Restriction Policies (SRPs). The paid version includes SRPs as well as ransomware protection, program filtering protection, email alerts, and much more. This software is perfect for users who are trying to prevent malware from getting into their computers. The software does automatic updates so users know that they are never left unprotected. Clients can choose between a variety of buying options including a subscription service, a fixed one-year term, a fixed three-year term, and a fixed five-year term. This provides flexibility for clients to choose which plan is right for them.
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