Cyberlink Director Suite

by CyberLink

Video, Photo, and Audio Editing for the computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CyberLink

Release: Cyberlink Director Suite 16.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cyberlink Director Suite is a really versatile application that allows me to edit audio, photo, and video in one main HUB. I am a content creator for a music project, and this program has allowed me to produce quality content in record time. I enjoy using all aspects of this suite. It has 4K video editing support, so the music videos I work on are top-notch in terms of video quality. The details are what keep me coming back to Cyberlink Director. The video editing suite has keyframe tracking, detailed color adjustments, and a 100 track capacity timeline. I'm able to tweak tiny details that really bring the video as a whole better. I also love the designs of all of the applications. They are sleek and simple, yet feel very familiar and professional. 

The photo-editing application, ColorDirector, is out of this world. It lets me the color match, color replaces, and motion tracking. It feels way more expansive compared to programs like Photoshop. The precision allows me to get the exact kind of artistic direction I need. I've noticed a distinct difference in the engagement I'm getting for my band through the photos I've been editing in the Cyberlink Director Suite

The AudioDirector application is amazing too. I can record audio in it, restore muffled or distressed audio files, and even mess around with numerous amounts of levels. I find it great for tracking some rough demos for my band. It's easy to use when you want to do a quick edit or sketch up a quick idea that you have in audio form. I feel like the main theme for Cyberlink Suite is really just convenience and simplicity. I love having this HUB. There are no-nonsense, only essential tools. It fuels me to want to create more stuff. I haven't felt that way in a long time. The application suite feels like an extension of my creativity now. 

If you are tired of what's currently available in the video/photo editing realm, I would highly reccomend checking out Cyberlink Director Suite. I feel like it has been able to help me unleash my full creative potential. It really has shown in the stuff I've been producing lately. I'm happy, my band is happy, and our audience is happy with the content we've been dropping. I really couldn't ask for more. 

Helps content creators bring their content to life.

  • Keyframe motion tracking
  • Color Adjustments 
  • Chroma Key 
  • 100 track timeline 
  • 4K editing and previews 
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