CyberLink LabelPrint

by CyberLink

Print labels for your DVD or CD-Rs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CyberLink

Release: CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The CyberLink LabelPrint program for Windows is an excellent way to design and print labels, covers, and case inlays. It keeps your discs looking professional and not like some amateur creator. You can design a great looking image or words and keep everything organized. After spending so much time creating the perfect mixtape or spending hours editing a great video, why would you have your disc look like a generic one? With the CyberLink LabelPrint program, you can create and print awesome graphics to make your project look just like the ones you have to buy at the electronics store for way more money. Even better, this program is easy to use and includes templates. Some people aren't great designers so the LabelPrint program comes fully loaded with templates and built-in background images so you don't have to spend hours slaving over a clean design. However, some people do enjoy the full customization, so LabelPrint also allows users to design to their heart's content and create awesome fully custom designs.


  • Allows the user to print labels for their DVD's or CD-R
  • Allows the users to print jewel-case inlays
  • Has built-in background images
  • Allows the user to create their own images to put in the background
  • Includes label templates
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Latest burning technology to print images directly on the disc surface

In conclusion, don't wait around to get LabelPrint from CyberLink. This is the best software to make and print labels for all your digital projects. In no time you'll be designing great labels for all your creative projects and your friends and family will be amazed by how professional your discs look. These make a great gift! This program is fast, easy, and looks great. Other label maker programs can be hard to use and don't allow you to print directly on the disc. This is why LabelPrint from CyberLink is the best in the market.

It keeps the discs that you create looking better then a generic disc. It helps keep your discs organized
Hillary Evans
CyberLink LabelPrint allows you to make a wide variety of fully customizeable labels and jewel-case inlays for your DVDs and CDs. The program is quick and easy to use, as the program comes with many different graphics and templates to choose from.
If for some reason you bought digital media. And then wanted it also in physical form (why?), and then also wanted to make a design for it (also why?), and then needed software to do this (third why?). I guess you could use this to do it. Lots of other software has the ability to print/design jewelcases, this seems like it would work too. (if you needed to have a physical copy of digital media...for some reason).
very nice short and simple
Angus Earls
Got this program for my start up company and still using it years later. It isn't something that is used by professionals but most people dont need to spend hundreds on a professional software because it isnt necessary. It works easy and gets the job done. You dont need read pages of instructions to use, you can start pretty much right away.
why having a writable cd rom and look for where to make a cd when you can simply download cyberlink labelprint and do it all by yourself. i actually used this almost all the time its unique feature remains the graphic display and stability. it hardly fails to write on cd and its very user-friendly with easy to use features.
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