by Daminion Software

A multi-user digital, photo and document management software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Daminion Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Daminion is a software program that helps you clean up your computer and organize your photos, videos, and PDFs. By taking some time and adding tags to the files, you will always find them quickly. But tagging isn't all Daminion can do. You can use it to rate files, add color tags, edit metadata, mark people (photo and video), assign categories and create "standalone" collections.

The first step to creating a directory is to specify the folders or partitions where the necessary files are located. You can simply drag and drop photos, documents and videos to the workspace. In both cases, the program will need some time to analyze the data and prepare the files for sorting. Sort by a variety of parameters: format, creation date, title, resolution, orientation, presence/absence of description, etc. Manual creation of groups of images without any identical properties is also supported.

With manual cataloguing, you can use customizable previews and several available file views. With Daminion, you can customize thumbnail sizes, list files with the right columns, and even choose the location of your photo/video workspace in the main Daminion window.

We can confidently call this program a professional solution for cataloguing. This is indicated by the fact that it can work with RAW formats, allows you to include up to half a million files in one directory (only a paid version) and work with network collections. But the most innovative feature of the program allows it to recognize people's faces in photos and find other photos with posers.

- An advanced tagging system that allows you to use their combinations;

- several photo/video viewer modes and customizable previews for manual cataloguing;

- possibility to sort added files by different parameters;

- Ability to rate photos, videos and documents;

- the possibility of using colored marks;

- support for "drag and drop" files;

- support for RAW formats;

- Face detection in photos;

- editing of metadata and geometry;

- the ability to work with network directories.

I love using Daminion for Windows since this program makes it really easy to boost the productivity of your business. Whether you work in marketing or sales, or whether your team instead focuses on design, you can generally use this software to supercharge your work efficiency. I appreciate that the program comes with a tagging system that's uniquely proprietary and helps make file searching up to a hundred times faster.
Daminion basically categorizes image assets. This software is a multiple user photo, digital and document management system . It is capable of importing, exporting and organizing image data in several formats. This will enable you to organize all of your PDFs, photos and videos. Daminion allows you to tag photos and sort by factors like date created or resolution. The tagging enables you to search for files very quickly. This is great for increasing productivity! Some other useful features of Daminion are, face detection, ability to drag and drop files and editing of metadata is possible.
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