Day Night

by Cholaware

A desktop application that monitors and displays time progression in percentages, including customizable wake and sleep modes.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cholaware

Release : Day Night 1.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Day Night is a desktop application that shows you the remaining time in your day, month, and year in percentages. This application makes it possible to manage your time efficiently on a daily basis by allowing you to visualize the passing time. In addition to this time visualization function, Day Night features an awake mode, a sleep mode, and automatically switches themes based on the time of day and night.

Day Night is an app that seamlessly integrates into your everyday routine. Its functionality isn't limited to just your computer desktop. Indeed, you can use Day Night as a widget on your desktop or in the Windows system status bar, allowing you to constantly see the percentage and mode.

  • Display of the day's, months', and year's progress in percentages
  • Awake Mode: allows you to set your preferred time to display progress
  • Sleep Mode: alerts you to go to sleep when your awake time is over
  • Theme Transition: automatically switches theme depending on day and night
  • Always in the Status Bar: the percentage and mode are constantly displayed in the Windows status bar
  • Dock & Undock: Use Day Night as a gadget on the desktop or in the system status bar

With the Day Night application, you always have an overview of your day and can better organize and manage your time. Whether for planning your work, leisure or managing your sleep, Day Night is the ideal tool for keeping track of the passing time.

"Day Night enhances time management by visually displaying time progress throughout the day, month, and year."
1. Compatible with Windows system status bar
2. Ability to display day, month, and year progress in percentages
3. Includes awake mode and sleep mode features
4. Automatic theme switch depending on day and night

Promotes efficient time management through time visualization.
Themes automatically change depending on day or night.
Constant display of day's progression percentage and mode.

Can become distracting if constantly checking time remaining.
Lacks synchronization function across multiple devices.
No customization options for themes or display mode.
Day Night software helps you schedule your day... and night.
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