AdbLink (AdbFire)

by adbLink

Use your PC to load files and apps onto any Kodi-enabled TV casting device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: adbLink

Release: AdbLink (AdbFire) 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AdbLink lets you modify or customize your Kodi-enabled TV-casting device from your computer without having to know the ins-and-outs of the Android SDK and without having to type text commands into a Windows command prompt. With AdbLink you can easily send files or apps to your Kodi TV devices with a simple push of a button.


  • Easy to use, no more command line text needed
  • Sideload Kodi apps from APK files
  • Uninstall XBMC apps
  • Add modification files to a Kodi TV device user data directory
  • Customize a Kodi TV device’s keyboard
  • Change your Kodi TV device splash screen
  • Move Kodi data to external drives
  • Backup/Restore Kodi setups
  • Clone Kodi setups to new devices
  • Root-aware File Manager for Android devices
  • ADB/Fastboot and Busybox capable

AdbLink is designed to work with Android Kodi (XBMC)-enabled TV-casting devices. Kodi-enabled devices are TV-casting devices (FireTV, FireStick, Chromecast, Xbox One, etc.) that run on the Android operating system and have had the Kodi software installed on it (Kodi is a free, open-source software platform that lets you alter an Android TV-casting device). In the past if a user wanted to use Kodi to alter or customize their Android TV-casting device, they had to send commands to the device by typing text commands into the Window command prompt. This meant they had to have some knowledge of the Android SDK. But with AdbLink, many common customization tasks can now be done with a push of a button.

With AdbLink (AdbFire) you can modify or customize a Kodi TV-casting device without having any knowledge of the Android SDK.

AdbLink allows you to communicate with your TV-casting device using an intuitive graphical user interface. Buttons and popup menus will replace long strings of texts typed into command lines.

With a push of a button, you can choose files from your PC to be loaded onto your Kodi-enabled Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One (and many more), allowing you to modify how your TV casting device looks and functions. With AbdLink, you can easily change your splash screen, reformat your keyboard, or install user apps. You can also move Kodi data to external drives, manage devices over USB or through IP addresses, manage multiple Kodi devices, and backup/restore Kodi files.



This is a really great piece of software it’s helped me out tremendously when someone recommended that I use it for my Amazon Fire Stick and apparently you can also use it with the Fire TV I just haven’t done that myself. Basically it saves quite a bit of time and helps you manage your storage better. I recommend it to friends all the time since I have been very pleased with it. The newest version is by far the best.
AdbLink provides you with a service that syncs your computer with your Android phone, similar to the apple system. If you have an android phone you are now able to link your text messages and applications to your computer. This software is free and easy to use. It is great for professionals and casual users alike. Simply press the start button and install AdbLink on to your computer.
AdbLink (AdbFire) for Windows is a program that lets me manage all of the data that I have on my Android phone. It's super lightweight which means it doesn't take up much space at all on your device. I also appreciate that it lets me install applications of my choosing on my phone since this has turned out to be a real time-saving convenience for me.
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