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An application that allows you to log onto your computer using a portable disk

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Disklogon

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DiskLogon is a software application for Windows that is offered as freeware.   It is available in the English language.  

DisLogon is a very capable and secure software application to allows for login to a Windows computer without the use of a username and password.  This software application requires the use of a portable disk.  Plug the portable disk into your computer and you will be able to expeditiously log onto your computer without any concern for safety.  Think about the convenience of using Disklogon, as entering the username and password seems to be a major chore each time you have to log onto your computer.   It essentially performs the same function as a smart card logon. Through its Disklogon RunAs function, this software application is fully compatible with Windows operating system.  It 100% safely connects with the operating system's security system.   

This software application is able to be used for your home computer's dial-up connection to the internet.   It ensures a safe and secure connection with the internet before logon.  The same applies to commercial entities and firms, where the computer user can set up a very quick and safe computer connection.

This software application applies the latest technologies for personal computer access control.  Its identification and authentication features are outstanding and meet the latest industry standards.   Portable disks such as a memory card, a USB stick, or an MP3 player can be loaded with this software application and then used to log on to your personal computer.  For even more advanced functionality such as for business enterprises, this software application will provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, Terminal Web Services (TWS), and other high-level capabilities.   This software application will meet the very high standards and strict demands of any enterprise network system manager.

It saves you the time and provides convenience by eliminating the need to enter your username and password to log into the computer

The following operating systems are supported:

Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003


DiskLogon gives you the opportunity of logging on to your system only using a portable disk. NO username or password. Adjusts to state of art identification and authentication technologies via use of your memory cad, As a enterprise user, you are provided with VPN connections, Terminal Web Services and other real awesome functions. Some of the features include: 1. Total simulating Smart Card functions 2. Automatic logon. Automatic dial VPN connection 3. Supported by Terminal Services/ Terminal Web Services 4. Integrates the Security Policy of Windows System This software is licesed by Freeware.
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