by Koshy John

A disk cleanup utility tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Koshy John

Release: DiskMax 6.02

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DiskMax for Windows is a powerful disk cleanup tool that is recommended for both experienced and inexperienced users.

It can clean up those remaining junk files from installed and uninstalled applications, clear user history, cookies, and thumbnail caches. Having problems rearranging files? No problem. DiskMax is here for you. You will reorder them in no time. If you want to remove registry entries from Most Recent Used List, then this is the software you have been looking for.

In each cleaning stage, the user will be guided step-by-step with what is about to be removed and alerts the user if there will be a significant loss (such as clearing a password).

DiskMax even goes further than cleaning caches and cookies. You are given the option to clear windows error reporting logs, temporary internet files, all on a simple, user-friendly interface. You no longer have to go deep into a computer to search for and delete each junk file or history one by one. You can also set up an automatic cleanup like clearing the recycle bin (regularly), which lets your PC have more space capacity with ease.

DiskMax can read your hard disk to remove files with the following file extensions: .tmp, .dmp, .chk, .wbk, .gid, .bak, .chk, .old, .prv and .swp (for advanced users only).

As the utility cleans up the user's PC, the system becomes clean, and there is a boost in Windows performance.

See below for the operating systems that DiskMax for Windows supports. 

Just download and use it once, you'll totally notice that the computer will run smoothly like a brand new PC. Try it and see for yourself!

Clean up system history, caches, temporary files and much more

  • Easy step-to-step guide. 
  • Cleans debugging info, internet logs, DLL caches, repair information, help center caches, logs, and windows update roll-back files.
  • Automatic task functions.
  • Powerful history cleaner for increased privacy protection.

License: Freeware

Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

I like keeping my computers in top shape and DiskMax is a great addition to my cleanup regimen. DiskMax will automatically cleanup your disks, doing tasks such as automatically emptying the recycle bin. If you're ever worried that your machine might have extra junk floating around and you want to reclaim that space, try out DiskMax!
If your computer is feeling a tad slower than it's been then maybe you need to give it a good clean up! DiskMax is the tool that you need to get things wiped safely and correctly to get your computer back up to top notch speeds. Everything will start running faster after your first scan and wipe and best of all it's a free tool that you can download today so give it a go!
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