by Soluto

A software that is designed to ease the frustration of people

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Soluto

Release: Soluto 1.3.1323.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Soluto is a software that uses an anti-frustration technology to determine what may be causing the frustration of a PC user. It also aims to determine the cause of the frustration and works towards how it can be eliminated using a special well-developed system to generally improve the user experience. All information gathered by this software is stored in the genome of Soluto, which is likened to the hardware of Soluto containing all previous frustrations and its solution. This software benefits all users and makes PC usage less tasking. 

How it works: The frustration is discovered by a Patent-pending low-level driver technology and also shows which application is causing the frustration.

Main involvement: The app can access which hardware and/or software has been nonresponsive or has frequent cases of crashes. It receives alert about problematic plugins and attempts to create a feasible fix. Default browser configurations are done along with major search engines and homepage. It also monitors the CPU temperature and the efficiency of the fans of the PC, which could potentially slow down the use of the computer. Browser toolbars and add ons are installed to ensure ease of use of the PC by the use, which leads to greater efficiency.

Human Knowledge: The software makes use of methods that get rid of human frustrations to improve the overall user experience. It makes use of the human wisdom used by most PC users for the benefit of other users who may be in such situations. Using this app helps to ensure that other PC users do not face similar or common frustrations that are majorly encountered.

It is an anti frustration software which helps to detect what may be causing the frustration of the user and finds solution to it

  • Determine what is causing user frustration
  • Find a solution to the frustration.
  • Create a database of all frustration history
  • Improves user experience
  • Remotely install skype, dropbox, etc
Soluto for Windows is a super handy software tool to essentially make your computer boot up faster. If you've ever been frustrated by how slow your computer gets started, this is an easy way to address that. Soluto is a transparent, easy to use software, to address some of the user's biggest frustrations with their PCs. It helps identify and correct your problems with Microsoft Windows, just by using its software!
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