Duplicate Files Deleter

by Duplicate Files Deleter

Remove clutter and improve your computer’s performance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Duplicate Files Deleter

Release: Duplicate Files Deleter 5.8.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Remove clutter and improve your computer’s performance with Duplicate File Deleter. By finding and removing a duplicate file that is stored on your hard drive, Duplicate File Deleter helps to keep your files neat and orderly and helps you to get rid of the unneeded, unnecessary and unwanted extra files that will cause your system to run slow.


  • Removes duplicate and unnecessary files from your hard drive to help improve computer performance
  • Works on Xbox One
  • Search for files by file type, location or scan the entire computer
  • Offered for Free for Very Limited Time
  • Easy to read scan results with the full file information

Available directly from the Windows Store, Duplicate File Deleter is a very user-friendly application that allows anyone of any level of technical knowledge to quickly and easily clean up their file system of clutter, which will help to improve the overall performance of your system. Duplicate File Deleter was designed for users of even the most rudimentary technical skill levels.

Duplicate File Deleter was designed specifically for Windows 10 devices.

After performing a scan, your results are delivered in an orderly list, showing you which files have duplicates, the names of those files and even the location of the files on your computer. The, it is totally up to you what gets deleted or kept.

Duplicate File Deleter is a nice tool to have for anyone who wants to improve the performance of their computer. Unlike many other tools that are available, Duplicate File Deleter does not require a high level of technical knowledge to use. Duplicate File Deleter brings an easy to use program that any user will find useful and beneficial.

Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher

Donald Treeser
I know that every system cleaner these days comes with a builtin duplicate file finder, but its not often you see the tool packaged alone. I prefer my tools in a single purpose design and this little guy does the job. Makes a great addition to my collection of USB drive apps
so basically the application is about finding the duplicate photos and several other file from the storage . which includes delete duplicate iphoto shots , duplicate documents , duplicate emails and contacts and more. It is one of the accurate application for windows and mac. And it is certified by safe download , finding duplicate files which supports in all the format .The application is currently under webminds . it is a USA based application which runs on windows and mac.
It’s software that helps remove access clutter from your device . The software improves the performance . It also works for Xbox one ! Very convenient ! You don’t have to be experienced to work this software, it’s easy to understand .
Matthew Lugo
It is great for getting rid of duplicate files on your computer, it simply gets rid of them without a problem and doesn't take long to finish. I always hated getting rid of duplicate files manually and this software automates it to the simple clicks of a few buttons!
This tool is great is you're not completely savvy with computers and don't want to deal with the tedious process of making your PC faster. It searches through every file in your PC so you can see how many duplicates you have for yourself. Additionally, you have the choice of deleting or keeping each and every duplicate, which makes sure it won't delete necessary files by accident. This is a great tool to clear up some extra space and to make your PC a bit faster.
Duplicate Files Deleter is a handy tool that enables you to remove those files that cause the computer to slow down when opening up files. This occurs when one has the same file in multiple locations in one's PC. With Duplicate Files Deleter you are able to search out for duplicate files without the need of defragmenting the hard disk. I recommend the use of this tool as it removes all duplicate files within a disk by giving the user information of all files that are in duplicate and the space that can be created by removing them. Duplicate Files Deleter also asks one what one would wish to do with the files before deleting as one is able to see the files that need deleting. If you have not checked whether you have duplicate files try this software and see the report. Delete the duplicates and see the speed of your computer increase.
we know we have so many duplicate files on our PCs or laptop or mobiles. but for Pc's this software going to help you so much. They really delete the duplicate file with your permission. So if you are facing this issue too then I will recommend this one.
Duplicate Files Deleter is such a great product. My computer was terribly slow starting up. After running this, it was crazy how many of the same files i had on my computer. The files i deal with are pretty large and i was able to clear up several gigs of space. I will definitely be using this on a regular basis.
There are many reasons to remove duplicate files from your PC. It will give you more disk space. You will be certain you are working on the correct version of the file. If you are paying for cloud storage then duplicate files can be costing you money. 1 click allows you to remove all duplicate files with accuracy and speed. You can export the results of the scan to a CSV file. So you can see exactly what you are deleting
I always seem to forget that I need to take care of my computer and when I saw this product, I knew it was for me. It cleared unnecessary files and data I didn't even know I had stored on my computer. A lot of the files I had were repeats or downloaded double for some odd reason. This product has been great help to me.
This Duplicate Finder helped me recover more than 20GB of space on my hard drive. It detects duplicate files, photos, videos, and more. This Duplicate Cleaner has been nothing less of a savior for me. Better than Auslogics duplicate file finder and fast duplicate file finder. Best duplicate file finder Windows 10!
This is the software that is used for the deletion of the files that occur again and again. They are also helpful for the storage space in all the drives, which are very quickly deleted for the replicated files in all the windows and other platforms. They have the encrypted tool also for the safety and secured deletion of the files.
It is software that aids in the removal of access clutter on your device. This application is ideal if you are unfamiliar with computers and do not want to cope with the time-consuming process of making your PC quicker. It scans every file on your computer to determine how many duplicates you have for yourself. We are well aware that we have several duplicate files on our PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. However, for PCs, this software will be really beneficial. With your consent, they really remove the duplicate file.
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