Your ultimate media manager for your Android or iOS device

Operating system: Windows

Release: TunesGo 9.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TunesGo is one of the best programs out there that helps manage your media on your portable devices. One of the biggest complaints with people who have media on mobile devices is that you are restricted to software such as iTunes. TunesGo completely eliminates that by allowing you to share your media among multiple Apple ID's in addition to going through Google Play and the Amazon store.


  • Transfer media files without iTunes.
  • Convert media files to iOS or Android-compatible.
  • One click playlist transfers
  • Share purchased music through Google Play and Amazon.
  • Duplicate file removal

As amazing as the program is, I think this software benefits those with iOS devices by far. I know I can't be the only one who hates my iPod because I have to go through some ritual to get my music on it. Using TuneGo, I can transfer entire playlists with a single click of my mouse. I also love the fact I can get rid of duplicate songs. I don't have this issue on any of my android devices, but I do have it on my iOS devices. The program is very easy to use and doesn't require any special tutorials to learn at all. In fact, as soon as you have it installed you will be able to pick up how the program works within 5 minutes. If you are particular about the way your music is displayed on screen TunesGo has you covered there as well. You can change your cover art and even tag your music. The program will remove any missing or broken tracks that you might have on your device automatically. Keep in mind the program does cost a pricey $49 but you can, however, try the program for free but I'd recommend just buying it outright because you will use it often.

TunesGo is your ultimate media manager for your android or iOS devices.
TunesGo 4.6.16 (23.54 MB)
TunesGo 7.3.10 (0.85 MB)
TunesGo 9.0.0 (0.99 MB)
TunesGo 9.8.2 (49.44 MB)
Bobby Dell
TunesGo is a novel concept, even though it is not unique to the industry. It recognized my computer using macOS and recommended I download the Windows version, but it identified my phone correctly so there's that fits a niche that does not really exist, honestly, but it seems to perform its intended function well.
Wondershare TunesGo is an app that is for windows that can be used to for mobile devices. It can be used to store photos and even sync up your music. You can download them on your computer and connect it to your phone!
Samuel Seifert
I used itunes for years but after a while I realized how restricted itunes can be. I started using this This makes transferring files and everything else so much more easier than the leaps you deal with, with itunes. I prefer this to itunes so I wanted to write this to convince you to give it a try.
One of the good software for the people. We can share files instantly using this software and it is easy to use and fast too. But only works between iPhone, iPod, Mac, and iPad. You can help with android persons too.
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