by Wim Vriend, Ron Hendriks

Supports free tack protocal information

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wim Vriend, Ron Hendriks

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FaceTrackNoIR is a software program for monitoring head movements in real-time games. The application does not require any special accessories, just one working Web-camera.

Today, no one will be surprised by the programs and gadgets to track the movements of the head, which not only facilitate the gameplay, but also make it much more interesting. Among them is the FaceTrackNoIR program, which is able to give a head start to its analogues and win. First of all, it's free. Secondly, the user does not need to wear special devices on his head to work with the program, be it a helmet, headphones, clips, etc. To meet face-to-face with the world around you, FaceTrackNoIR only needs a Webcam connected to your computer, with which the user's head becomes a virtual joystick.

FaceTrackNoIR was created on the basis of C++ using Nokia's QT toolkit for user interface maintenance. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows (including 7 and 8). The application is based on the use of TrackIR protocol, as well as the penalty track protocol and UPD protocol, and can be used with PPJoy and VJoy. The program is compatible not only with modern PC games, but also with a number of old simulators, for example, with CFS3.

For the convenience of working with FaceTrackNoIR, you can use the quick access buttons or mouse buttons, which can be used to start and stop the virtual joystick, center the view, change the direction of view and limit the depth of field of the axis.

- works on all versions of Windows;

- Using a Webcam to control the hero's movements in the game (virtual joystick);

- regardless of how bright the room is;

- modular program system;

- doesn't work with all the games;

- the ability to use quick access buttons and mouse buttons;

- Automatically saves the settings;

- user-friendly and simple enough interface;

- is distributed free of charge.

FaceTrackNoIR uses a webcam to mimic the end-users head movements. It is used in real-time games and the end-user does not need any special equipment other than the webcam. The software is distributed for free. It is intended for use only with Windows Operating systems.
You don't really need to use your hands or feet to instruct and communicate with your computer. FaceTrackNoIR enables you to communicate to your computer other parts of your body. a webcam sends video data to your computer, the software uses reference point,calculates movements and locations relative center and the resultant data and you can now move your body in a game in a very normal way. its definitely worth the few coins they will demand from you.
You a gamer and wanted to actually be in the game control your movements? worry no more because FaceTrackNoIR for Windows got you covered. You are probably thinking about Hats and devices with LEDs and bulky to wear that you will have fit your head into to play. Thats not the case with FaceTrackNoIR. you just need your webcam and you are good to go. The game responds to your movements almost immediately. Over 400 games use this technology right now. Its a software from the future. Try it out!
FaceTrackNoIR software for windows helps to face track. it looks like mouse point. it's a free track supporter for the device to use. i am looking forward to this king of software to use. it is highly recommended for the users. it's a VJoy support and trackIR support. i use this software for a long time and it gave a good results by this software.
basically I'm trying to establish whether track ir is worth te investment so how well does face track no ir work going to be smoother and more precise but does face track no ir with a good webcam do well too ya its good
Really good software program that is used for tracking and monitor face and head movements for the gaming industry. Gaming is huge right now and for having an ideal software that can track and monitor these types of movements is great, i think it’s also pretty user friendly and easy to download and install. Really good tool.
A software that is niched for game designers since it allows them to see the individual's head movement during a game. It doesn't require any headsets and it is also free, making it a wonderful and accessible tool to use. Moreover, it also works for all versions of Windows, which is also great. FaceTrackNoIR is a great tool to add to a game to make it more real.
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