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Feedly is an add-on for all popular browsers, which is designed for comfortable viewing of RSS feeds. In addition to watching the channels you've already subscribed to, from time to time, the extension will offer you new channels that are likely to "fit" to your taste. You will need a Google account to use the add-on, no matter which browser you use. With Feedly, you can add new channels to your feeds in one click and create your own RSS feeds. This extension is essentially a branch of the Google Reader service. It has a very nice interface and is completely free. Feedly is available to Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome users. In addition, the official application of the service is also available in AppStore and GooglePlay stores.

- allows you to comfortably view your favorite RSS feeds;

- is extremely simple and convenient to work with;

- offers a huge selection of channels for different topics;

- is closely related to the Google Reader service;

- is available for most modern browsers.

Feedly is an add-on for all popular browsers and is designed to provide viewing of RSS feeds. Allows you to watch and manage channels you've already subscribed to, but also used your preferences to find new channels that are likely to fit your taste.
To be plain, i would not trust anything downloaded from that website. There was no content that made me feel like the download would be safe. I'm not sure what the utility of RSS feeds is, although I'm certain that many people use them. Making it link to a google account from a sketchy website seems like a no no. The description of the software itself might make sense to someone who actually uses RSS feeds, but as a novice i saw nothing that seemed like a must have.
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