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Super-charge your news feed with FeedReader for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FeedReader

Release: FeedReader 3.14

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Last revision: Last week

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Do you spend your time scouring the web for interesting items? Have you found a whole list of your favorite web sites that you visit several times a day to find out what is new and exciting in the far corners of the world wide web? Do you spend an hour upon hour glued to your computer screen?

If so, learn to work smarter, not longer, with the exciting FeedReader for Windows, an easy-to-use news aggregator that does the work for you. It sends intelligent agents to all your favorite web sites while you relax, and aggregates the news in a handy, easy-to-read format where it waits for you to read it at your convenience! With Feedreader, you have immediate and reliable access to the data you need to be able to make smart decisions about what really matters to you, your family, your friends and those you influence Be the big gorilla of information that your friends will love and respect.

Feed Reader for Windows can be set up in mere seconds by even an internet novice. Simply tell it the web sites you want to follow, and this fantastic program will do the rest. You will be the envy of your friends!

Automatically update news feeds from thousands of web sites

Not sure which web sites you want to follow? No problem! FeedReader for Windows comes preloaded with a list of the most popular sites, and all you must do to load them is to make one click with your mouse. Are your interests a bit off the beaten track? FeedReader for Windows comes with a unique "easy search" feature...just enter the topic that interests you in a handy search box, and FeedReader for Windows scours the web for articles on just that topic, enabling you to learn more than you ever thought would be possible.

And FeedReader for Windows is no Johnny-come-lately to the world of computers, and it has been searching the web for news for over 18 years!

Best of all, FeedReader for Windows comes with preloaded views, including a wildly popular "river of news" view that must be seen to be believed!

FeedReader for Windows won't clog your machine with bloatware, either. The basic installation file is under four megabytes, and installation takes, not minutes, but mere seconds!

If these facts have persuaded you to enter the astounding and magnificent world of news feeds, then there is only one thing for you to do, and that is downloaded yours today!

The mission statement and general aesthetic of the website seems to speak to technically minded people. Even though the "about us" speaks to the ease of use, the UI is not very friendly for a casual user. I think it's great that this is an open source solution to RSS feeds but I think this is primarily for developers and people that are more "in the know." I think it's pointless to preach about the ease of use. Overall this feels like a product that is effective and trustworthy for advanced users.
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