Find Similar Sites

by BTI Software House

Best software for find similar sites that have same functionality.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BTI Software House

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Find similar sites software is a small utility software that everyone can use for their own purpose. The installation process is simple and quick, so that no need to worry about the installation. It does not require any product key or registration service to run this software, so your privacy will always be secure.And whenever 

Find SDimilar Sites software has a simple UI interface that is really helpful for beginners to easy use. This collects the same functional website list as per your requirement. In order to get the list, you need to give the input data like the domain address that you last visited, and you want the same topic relevant webpages. After entering the domain link, just click on the run button; it will search the same topic webpages that you are given; from that list, you can copy one or more webpage links to the clipboard and the browser URL to read or collect the data from it.

This software is very helpful for university students, Ph.D. researchers, and web readers. Because university students want to refer to more topics on the website that time they need to find the right website with different explanations. This same concept will go for the Ph.D. researchers also. Web readers accidentally read a wonderful topic on the website, and they want to learn or read more about it so that they can use this software to find similar web pages that have the same topics.

The main success of this software is this is uses keywords and subjects to find similar websites to improve the accuracy level.

Shows the same functionality website list searched by the user.

  • Copy to clipboard options.
  • Export options are available in the software listed format.
  • Simple User-Friendly UI.
  • Free For Lifetime.
  • Runs all types of windows platforms.

1. Required .NET Framework 4.

2. Internet access must to run this software.

3. Limited only for windows.

This software is very peculiar in similar sites search alternatives.Its a good version can be used in all computers and laptops.
Logan Grajek
Similar Sites software is a tool used to find websites with similar content, topics, and design. It allows users to search for similar sites based on keywords, content, and design. It can also be used to compare websites for competitive analysis and to discover new sites. The software can be used to find websites related to a particular topic or industry, or to identify potential link partners.