First Name 2017


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First Name is a rather curious program, the features of which will be most useful for creating various souvenirs, such as greeting cards and stickers for mugs.

The program contains unique information about men's and women's names in its database, including full characteristics (emotionality, charisma, energy, attitude to others and self, and other traits), as well as various interesting facts. Using this information and a set of different design styles and backgrounds, you can create a lot of nice postcards and greeting letters. Where and how you will place the facts and the characterization of the name depends solely on your imagination. A wide range of software tools will allow you to create truly high-quality projects.

- a unique database of names, with full description and curious facts;

- allows you to print the characteristic;

- availability of a set of various backgrounds, on which the information about the name will be placed;

- nice user interface;

- allows you to download additional backgrounds from the official website.

it is a good one for abstract the values and information's, it is so useful for whom take care of the records, slightly slow on the processes need to be some update on the software to gain the processes fully
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