by Deborah und Michael Bickel GbR

A smart and innovative fitness tracking software to achieve your health goals

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Deborah und Michael Bickel GbR

Release : FitTrack 1

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you want to know how your body is performing in routine tasks? If yes, FitTrack Gold Software is here to give you all the information you need for a healthy body and mind. With its user-friendly interface, the FitTrack software takes one step ahead in calculating your body's fitness elements.

What's best? FitTrack Gold Software provides customized reports for each individual taking the fit test. For precise results, it also considers the age, gender, activity level, and specific body measurements of a person. This way, you can easily monitor your health with real-time insights and detailed information stored in the databases.


FitTrack provides personalized and detailed data reports in graphs so users can track their body health precisely.

  • The ideal fitness tracking software that enables you to understand your health changes with customizable data reports. 
  • It features a new dashboard home screen to show scheduled tests, due dates, personal stats, and critical information about your health. 
  • You can synchronize the data with other databases or import the files to your mobile or any other device. 
  • It is highly flexible and offers record-keeping so the users can conveniently add information or explanations to the database. 
  • You can easily get detailed and comprehensive insights about your body health on graphs and calculate the results. 
  • For security purposes, usernames and passwords are assigned to the customers, and the administrator has access to all the confidential data. 

For Quantifit users, the FitTrack Gold Software offers a completely new experience. They can manage data files, use multiple tools, and store files in the SQL database. Moreover, the test statistics and calibration due dates can be modified per your needs. 

OS: Windows 7/8/10, MacOS, iOS, Android
2GB RAM or higher
Internet connection for data sync
Connectivity with health apps and devices

Allows comprehensive and detailed health monitoring.
Seamlessly integrates with other health apps.
Intuitive interface for easy tracking.

Requires constant internet connection for data synchronization.
Limited customization options compared to other similar software.
The user interface can be overwhelming for beginners.
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