by FlightGear

Software designed to provide flight simulations using 3D modeling CAD software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FlightGear

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The FlightGear application is a non-commercial free flight simulator project. The project has been in existence since 1997 and its goal is to create an aircraft simulator for use in absolutely any purpose. The application is cross-platform (compatible with Windows/Linux/MacOS and Free BSD). The program uses SimGear game engine. The project is characterized by a fully open source program that allows anyone to make changes to its structure and text. Although there is an impression that the participants are writing the program code only for the sake of writing it - at the moment FlightGear is a large-scale simulator of control of 425 aircraft models. The application includes FlightGear World Scenary files that contain information about the characteristics and locations of modern airfields on the Earth's surface.

For convenience, the mouse, keyboard and joystick controls are implemented. The application will run on any PC that supports the OpenGL graphics library. Multiplayer mode (multiplayer) is supported. The application is not a full-fledged computer game with the plot and goals of the passage. Nevertheless, the project implements a very high quality aircraft control simulator close to reality. FlightGear may interest not only fans of virtual flight simulators, but also experienced software developers. Anyone can make changes to the program code, add their own models, algorithms and scripts.

- a realistic aircraft simulator;

- reliable models of 425 aircraft;

- a detailed map of the Earth's airfields;

- the open source code of the program;

- is supported by Windows/Linux/MacOS/Free BSD;

- Anyone can take part in the development of the project.

If you're looking for a flight simulator then check out FlightGear for Windows. This program is compatible with a number of platforms, including but not limited to Windows and Mac as well as Linux. I love that I can use FlightGear to simulate open flights since this makes it the perfect tool for pilot training and even for academic research projects.
Flightgear is a simulator game available for PCs running on windows. This game is based on a flight piloting experience that you'll get in real life. It's really cool how they've done the graphics in this game. This game was one of my fav games in my childhood days. Thank you for the creators of this game on making my childhood awesome.
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