by The TortoiseSVN team

An Apache Subversion (SVN) client implemented as a Windows shell extension

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The TortoiseSVN team

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TortoiseSVN is a free open source client for the well-known Subversion version control system. Subversion is a centrally managed file and version history management system currently being developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation for multiple developers to collaborate with. According to one of the Subversion localizers, it is a system for managing potential chaos.

TortoiseSVN allows you to manage files in a central repository on a file server, check the history of changes to the file and make changes if necessary, restore previous versions of files, and get information about those who had access to the files. The client integrates into the system and adds its submenu to the Windows Explorer context menu with all the main Subversion commands. Also the icons of the files placed in the repository will display small labels with the status of Subversion.

The main tools included in the delivery set of the customer are listed below:

SubWCRev is a tool for writing file revision, reading the status of a working copy and adding keywords to template files;

TortoiseMerge is a tool for solving conflicts of simultaneous access to files, as well as for applying small patches to the project;

TortoiseBlame is a utility for easy navigation through changes made by different authors;

TortoiseIDiff is a utility for working and comparing versions of graphic files;

TortoisePlink is a console utility to connect to Subversion using PuTTY Plink;

TortoiseProc is a project monitor;

TSVNCache is a utility for caching information of individual processes;

There are also several console utilities in the program to manage Subversion.

Starting with version 1.9 of TortoiseSVN has stopped supporting Windows XP, users of this operating system should use version 1.8 of the client

- integration into Windows Explorer;

- graphic marks with the status of files in Subversion on the working copy file icons;

- user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to work with revisions, authorship and other aspects of modified files;

- the ability to work with information about catalog versions;

- the ability to add metadata;

- the ability to work via WebDAV/DeltaV;

- a large number of additional tools;

- availability of the interface Russifier and Russian-language help.

This centralized platform that allows for document storage is very helpful for teams that are split apart and exist in different locations and even time zones. This allows for people to work together towards the common goal while being separated.
TortoiseSVN is a subversion client that users can utilize alongside various development tools. TortoiseSVN is helpful because it offers you the ability to look at the status of any file or folder. You also get access to the comprehensive list of subversion commands. Finally, because TortoiseSVN is integrated into Windows, it allows you the ability to work with tools that you are accustomed to already.
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