Free-Fall Calculator

by Vetruvet

A wonderfull app for calculating terminal velocity

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vetruvet

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Last revision: Last week

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Free fall calculator for windows is a wonderful application used for calculating maths. The calculations can be done in an instant. The terminal velocity is been calculated using this calculator. This is a nice app. A very clean layout is present. The interface is also very simple in look. The falling object's terminal velocity is calculated very easily. The formulas for vacuum are also calculated very well. This tool needs exact mass the area of the cross section and also the drag coefficient also. The density is also calculated in this. This is a total package.

By using the formulas, we can use calculate the needed vacuum calculations. All these can be calculated using the time distance and also the velocity. This application can be used by all the people, especially the physics students. These are supported in all operating systems also .the program we used for this can also be used for solving the calculations the result will be either metrics or by the language english also. In a view from outside the free fall, the calculator is very usefull and also very nice to use in windows. This calculator is also can be used in the mac . Supported in the mac also.This is developed by the empixel studios. the liscence is very free. The version is vwd. These can be downloaded in android,IOS and also in the personal computers.


instant math can also be done with this application

  • Can easily be calculated using this software.
  • Terminal velocity can be calculated in an instant.
  • It can be used in all windows operating systems.
  • Supports personal computers as well as mobile phones.
  • The free version is also available.
  • These are updated by the creators eventually.
  • The application gives more accurate results than other calculators
  • the application can be useful for students and teachers as well
  • the latest versions has many features in it.
  • bluestacks helps in downloading these apps.

The is a very useful and best calculating application for terminal velocity checking

along with the thermal velocity, the time and distance can also be calculated using these

the calculator is widely available in all windows personal computers,mobile phones, and macs

1.Free- Fall Calculator for windows is used to do maths in an instant 2.It saves lot of time for users. 3.It calculate terminal velocity of falling objects.
Cooper Benoist
Free-Fall Calculator is a software program designed to calculate the time and distance of a free-fall from a given height. It uses a mathematical equation to calculate the result and can be used for any height. It also includes features such as the ability to save and load data, as well as the ability to graph the result. It is a useful tool for physics students and professionals alike.
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