Free MP3 Recorder for YouTube


A video recording software for YouTube videos

Operating system: Windows


Release: Free MP3 Recorder for YouTube 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I want to make something clear about the MP3 Recorder for YouTube. It does not just download and rip the audio straight off of the YouTube video you want. It actually uses your system to record the video's audio and then will give it to you in either MP3 or FLAC form, whichever you desire. The main reason I use this program is for songs that are not on Spotify or Apple Music. I love to download demos from bands I like to listen too as well as secret songs that aren't that well known. It's allowed me to have songs that I'd usually have to watch on YouTube as an MP3 file. Now I can listen to all of these songs on my computer in a playlist. It just makes life a lot easier for me. I don't have to hunt for all of my favorite songs. They're all in one place now. Obviously, there are many other uses for MP3 Recorder for YouTube. You can record podcasts, audiobooks, or anything else you want. I make a ton of fun playlists for my friends that I can send them. They love having the files on hand too.

The process to actually record a YouTube video with an MP3 Recorder is very easy. You open the application up, copy the link of the specific YouTube video you want to record, paste it into the program, choose what file you want (MP3 or FLAC), then hit record. That's it! The program also mutes all sounds but the system audio while recording, so you don't have to worry about making any noise that could be captured on the recording. It's incredibly easy and straight forward. It will hold up to 3 different YouTube links on a page to record. I would not consider myself someone who is good with technology, and I'm able to use it with no problems. 

If you want a secure, safe way to record YouTube audio, I would suggest this program. I don't have to go to sketchy sites anymore and hope that I won't get a virus or an annoying pop-up ad. It's saved me a ton of time that I would typically spend hunting for all of this stuff on YouTube, and it saves me data since I don't have to constantly be streaming them anymore. 

Records MP3 quality audio files for YouTube videos

  • Downloading Que
  • Instant Recording tool
  • Automatic MP3 file conversion 
  • Detailed interface 
  • MP3 and FLAC supported
There are so many software used as an mp3 recorder for youtube. As this software allows us to separate the audio from the youtube videos as it downloads only the audios. This helps in many ways.
Free MP3 Recorder for YouTube is its not YouTube content downloader its YouTube audio recorder and voice only. its very quality result on that recorder and its totally free not cost. So easily download online and installation is very quick and secured. and recorder file quality is high so clarity sound is best. SO free MP3 Recorder for youtube is very useful software. So many files create successful on youTube only. So very easily done on the recorder.
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