Free WiFi Detector

A utility for improving the speed, configuration, and channel choice to optimize in home WiFi

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Free WiFi Detector is a versatile scanner for Wi-Fi networks. This utility can be used to diagnose Wi-Fi networks and to determine the channel load within the range of a wireless adapter or access point. With this data, you can easily fix a wireless Internet connection problem within a Wi-Fi range.

The utility interface is divided into 2 parts. A list of all Wi-Fi adapters that are available on the user's computer is shown above. Opposite the list you can see the "Rescan" button. The Wi-Fi networks are scanned automatically every second. But if for some reason you don't have updated information about network activity, you should use this button. A basic table with the RSSI, authentication method, connection, encryption type, signal quality, BSS mode and MAC address is displayed in the center. The very first column of the table on the left shows the Wi-Fi network identifier (SSID).

You don't need to install the program. All you have to do is download and run it on your computer. But it should be noted that if your system does not have a wireless adapter, instead of data about the Wi-Fi network you will see only an empty table.

The utility is quite easy to use. After it is launched, the user will be able to immediately see all the information about the current status of his Wi-Fi network. It will also help you to determine the model of your wireless adapter. If you don't need cumbersome solutions with built-in additional utilities (sniffers, network data analysis software), this application is a good choice as a high-speed and compact Wi-Fi scanner.

This WiFi detector has a 2 part utility interface. On 1 hand the interface gives you a list of all WiFi detectors in your vicinity. On the opposite side the utility scans automatically every second. It offers a basic table with RSSI, authentication method, connection, encryption type, signal quality with BSS mode and MAC address. There is no need to install. The utility is quite easy to use. Just Download and run. After the utility is launched the user can see information on current Wifi network status. This WIFI detector is a good choice for high speed and compact WiFi scanners.
The WiFi Guard software looks extremely useful. The fact that it continuously and automatically scans your wifi connection to find any hacks is brilliant. From what it looks like, you just load it, enter your information and it does the work. It seems simple and very needed these days.
This software is just great. Super helpful for being able to detect different networks when windows built in wifi detector decides to be a pain in the neck. Couldn't recommend more!
This free WiFi detector is a must-have! I'm on the go a lot, and consistently need wifi connection. With this, I am able to find it quickly. I can compare the networks around me at any given time, and choose the best one. It is constantly updating, which helps when I'm moving quickly from place to place. It gives me such a piece of mind knowing that I'll always have access to wifi that actually works!
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