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An excellent app for Spanish speakers who want to listen to or even create podcasts!

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Publisher: iVoox

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iVoox is a great Spanish language app for listening to podcasts as well as creating your own!

It has a straightforward user interface that allows you to select what sort of podcasts you're interested in listening to. You can search by subject, by the producer, by the author, or by other keywords. You can then listen to the podcast online or download it to listen at a later time. It uses the standard rewind, pause, fast forward features you would expect in an audio player, and you can seek to a specific time so you can easily find any particular part of a show you're looking for.

Additionally, you can set a sleep timer so it will turn off after a certain amount of time has passed. Or you can even change the playback speed, so if the speaker is talking too fast, you will be able to hear them at a more comfortable pace. There's even a built-in car mode, so your phone will be able to pare with your car radio to listen to the podcasts in the car easily.

If you find content that you like, iVoox allows you to subscribe to them. You can choose if you would like to get notified upon new content being uploaded or download them automatically.

iVoox is smart and looks at learns about your interests based on what you've listened to! It will recommend new things for you to try, which is a great way to learn about more content!

Additionally, you can listen to live radio. iVoox comes with thousands of radio stations from around the world already set up. So you just have to select one that interests you, and you can start listening right away!

If you're a content creator, iVoox can host your content for you offering you unlimited storage, bandwidth, and transfers. This is a great way to get your content out there and monetize it!

iVoox is available for both Android and iOS devices. It's free to download, but each item purchased in it costs $2.99.[About this product - what does this software do, how it's different, etc.

iVoox only shows you Spanish language podcasts so you can find exactly what you're looking for in your language
Bob Johnson
iVoox is a Spanish podcast app. It allows users to stream the podcast or take the podcasts with them as a download. Even create your own Spanish language Podcast. The simple seek features allow the user to pickup where they left off or find a timestamp easily. A user can also slow down the playback speed to listen to the speaker at a comfortable pace. Available on both iOS devices and Android.
This allows people to hear a range of different podcasts and radio program recordings in their computer desktop. This is only available for people who have Windows at the moment. You can listen to podcasts without having to be a subscriber. You can also listen to live programs as well. This app is great for anyone who wants to listen to podcasts all day while the hang out in the comfort of their own home. I would truly recommend this.
iVoox is an audio streaming software that aims to reduce the rigidity that often serves as a barrier of entry to people wanting to listen to music or podcasts on the radio. The program contains a massive arsenal of categorized radio and podcast channels, and allows users to listen to them at any time, from the comfort of their desktop. This helps make listening to the radio a much more flexible experience, and allows you to play and pause your favorite channels at your own discretion.
As someone who likes to listen to a wide variety of podcasts every day, iVox is truly an amazing software option! This software has one of the largest collections of both amateur and professional podcasts and radio programs available - including live programs. I didn't even need to subscribe to anything, I could just build my own library with public and private playlists that I could share with others as well. After using the app regularly, I also received catered recommendations which helped me explore even more podcast options. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys radio and podcasts - such an exciting find!
iVoox is an amazing library that gives you a full catalog of not only radio programs but also podcast collections. All of these programs and collections are collated and sorted so you can search them with ease. My favorite aspect of iVoox is that I can access my podcasts of choice without even needing to sign up for them. iVoox even features live radio shows.
This application let us listen to our favorite podcasts, radio, shows without thinking about our time we can hear any radio shows podcasts anytime anywhere it has some features which give the recommendations on radio shows or podcasts which we may like to hear which is based on our activity
It's a whole new voice it allows you to have varieties of podcasts and radio programs on your desktop and the download is free so you can easily access it. The best thing about this software is the collection it provides you have a wide range of things to listen to and it makes it great because you will always have something to listen to.
iVoox is a great piece of software that allows you to download radio shows, podcasts etc. from the huge iVoox library that you would otherwise miss out on. What's even better is that you don't need to subscribe to anything just to listen, but if you do, you can create playlists and share these with friends and family. It's not only past recordings you can listen to, but live shows too, and you can also access those lesser-known podcasts that your friends rave about that may not be on other providers.
I've always wanted to listen to podcasts and radio stations from my desktop. Now I can. I recently downloaded and installed IVoox for Windows and it has changed my life. I can do everything from my computer now while I am working. The software allows me to explore a wide selection of podcasts and music, create private and public playlists, and listen to live programs. It is so convenient. I love being able to access everything on my computer.
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