by Bruno Coudoin

Cross-platform software suite intended for educational use of kids under the age of 10

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bruno Coudoin

Release : GCompris 4

Antivirus check: passed

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GCompris greatly benefits the overall intellectual growth of the younger generation, providing them with fun games to play around in a simple and intuitive manner to engage them in basic maths, grammar, and general thinking processes. This ensures the kid practices exciting and healthy activities, which, in turn, could help them develop a sound mindset with a set of communicative and intelligence skills.

The solution is free, open-source, and cross-platform, meaning it can both be used and edited around different devices, all making this software stand out as open, transparent, and configurable to your needs.  Even though the application may seem simple in itself the fun and possible mind development of the suite of games it provides is, even until now, capable of managing your child's time just fine. Even though the release of the software was far away in the year 2000 GCompris is still being updated to this very day, so be aware that even more activities are coming on board with even more improvements to come.


  • More than 20+ (and 10+ more partially) languages to choose from, meaning GCompris can be counted as an international software choice appropriate for any kid, nevermind his native tongue
  • Plethora of genres and games, including things like computers, science, arithmetic, and science, or something more on-ground like reading, spelling, or just simple and fun activities, more than 100 of those in total
  • The application doesn't collect any data, nor does it require any internet connection at all - so don't worry, the child is safe while using this educational software

It can also be said that GCompris can be used as a computer program in schools, kindergartens, or day-school centers, mainly due to its simple nature, which fits almost any child user who touches it. In summary, GCompris presents itself as a great thinking development tool, or, simply put, just a fun occupation for the child to play around with. It does it pretty well, as well as providing you with basic utility tools for it to work properly, wherever and however you'd like.

GCompris is an open-source logic education program aiming primarily to be as comprehensible, fun, and engaging as possible
Operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux
2GB RAM minimum for smooth operation
100MB free hard disk space minimum
Sound card for audio-enabled activities

Offers over 150 fun and educational activities for children.
Available in more than 50 languages globally.
Constant updates and improvements ensure fresh content.

Interface might be confusing for very young children.
Limited advanced subject content for older kids.
No monitoring features for parents/educators.
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