by Carl Kenner

Сross compatable comparisons of keyboard-to-joystick/controler commands Сross compatible comparisons of keyboard-to-joystick/controller commands

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Carl Kenner

Release: GlovePIE 0.43

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This innovative product has changed the way gaming and interactive gameplay works. Instead of the user needing to get used to, and adapt to a new controller for a new console or game; you're going to be able to convert all of your controller movements into keyboard features. 


  • turn any console game into an easier playing environment by converting gaming controllers into a keyboard controller. Instead of having to use, for example,  Wii u controller, you can program the control strokes into your keyboard settings. 
  • not only button controllers can be converted, but so can joystick movements. Instead of using the generic joystick controller, you can convert this type of movement into a keyboard programmed stroke pattern through an explained algorithm provided on the website and with the download. 
  • Cursor movements can also be converted into keyboard controlled movements through thorough adaption methods. This is slightly more difficult, but not impossible. This makes going through the process of using on-screen directional cursors. 
  • Everything is done with a simple glove programming language, which is explained on the website and a guide is given with the download. 

The program is available on Windows 98 and newer, however, some operating systems are limited on which features is capable of holding. This program will work with any controller that is peripheral with your device (for example an Xbox controller and a windows pc), however many many more controllers will be compatible and work with the GlovePIE program. The only downside to this program is that it will cause occasional input lag on newer computer systems, but it won't be bad enough to cause considerable disadvantages to the compatibility. This system is revolutionary in the consolidation of peripheral and nonperipheral device controller and turns them into keyboard inputs/outputs for better user comfort and accessibility. 

the user can use a keyboard instead of a controller, for any reason.
This makes it so much easier to do my challenge runs in retro games, load up this guy and I can use any peripheral as a controller for a game. Wanna use a rockband drumset to play sonic? Done. How about a guitar hero controller to beat Mike Tyson in punchout? Done. Don't waste time with anything else.
I have always wanted to be able to use a universal controller for all my console gaming. With GlovePIE I am able to play all of my video games while only needing to use my mouse and keyboard. I have been able to refine my skills because I only need to practice a single controlling method. GlovePIE has changed gaming for me forever.
GlovePie for Windows is for gamers who don't want to be tied to a game controller to play. It allows you to map all of the controller functions to your keyboard so that you can play video games independent from a controller. Both button and joystick functionality can be mapped to your keyboard. It's compatible from Windows 98 and forward. The keyboard mapping is done using a simple programming language called "Glove".
This piece of software is something not much people would exactly think of but the moment they hear of it, they'll realize that it's useful and needed. GlovePIE allows you to connect devices such as a Nintendo WiiMote and use it as a mouse. The software is simple, effective, and does what is said on the label. As long as you have the parts for it, the program does the rest for you.
Rory Badillo
At first glance, I had no idea what to expect from the name of the software. The name GlovePie did not trigger any thoughts or expectations. However, upon further research, I discovered that GlovePIE was a Programable input emulator that allows users to emulate joysticks and keyboards while emulating games. I am probably going to try GlovePie out myself because I am an avid emulator user.
GlovePIE is one of the best application software which is useful for game lovers. This application software can run with both joystick and keyboard variants. This application software program enhances the performance of the gaming environment. This application can easy to run on most of the platforms. This application software can be available on both free and paid versions. This application software is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems forever.
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