by Prosoft Engineering, Inc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Prosoft Engineering, Inc

Last revision: Last week

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Hear is a program that helps to improve sound quality when listening to music, watching movies, and playing computer games. Together with it, the system installs its own audio driver, as well as a set of tools to change various sound parameters. For example, the program has a mixer that allows you to adjust the volume of sound in individual applications, there is also an equalizer with peak frequency limiters, as well as separate sections with the parameters of the subwoofer and bass, parameters of surround sound (3D), parameters of sound resonance and parameters of sound positioning in space.

Using this program, you can select the optimal settings for the external speaker and headphones. Note that Hear cannot detect them automatically. That is, immediately after it is installed, the overall sound may be noticeably impaired. Beginners who don't fully understand the purpose of each slider and checkbox can only be guided by their own sensations when changing different parameters. Fortunately, in order to restore the original sound and cancel all changes made by the program, it is enough to switch to the standard audio driver using the Windows system selector (opens by clicking on the audio indicator in the notification panel).

Unlike other similar programs, Hear has no hardware requirements for the computer. It does not require a professional sound card to work with it. No special load on the system was noticed during the program testing.

- A mixer that allows you to adjust the volume of the sound in individual applications;

- an eleven-band EQ with peak frequency limiters;

- general bass and subwoofer parameters;

- Effects that can be applied by pressing a single key;

- parameters of sound positioning in space;

- your own sound driver;

- no special hardware requirements for the computer;

- low load on the system;

- Quick cancellation of the changes made.

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Hear is here to help. With carefully guided instructions, this software helps those in need of tuning the sound around them. There is a set of tools that will help you change various sound parameters and a mixer that will help with multiple options. There is no hardware equipment or special load on the system. If you follow the detailed instructions, you should have no problem better the sound around you.
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