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3D printing software with powerful customization options

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Publisher: Raise3D

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This software is unlike any other slicing software. It has a very user-friendly experience and can compile 3D printing files in only a few clicks. It comes with vast customization options and powerful features for more advanced functionality. This software is much faster than the industry standard and can be used free. You can remotely monitor your projects using the built-in features. It was designed with raised3D in mind, and it has been made to suit these types of 3D printers perfectly. It comes with features to automatically assign layouts for projects. It comes with advanced repair options to fix models that aren't exactly perfect. The engine used for slicing is very efficient as well as fast. It works well with most FFF based printers. You can use the interface in multiple languages. You can set up and store multiple printing profiles so you can load settings on the fly, saving time and repetitive setup procedures. Perfect for both beginners as well as more advanced users. Ideamaker come with countless customization options with an almost infinite amount of options to suit your needs. Take a look inside your 3D model with the ability to view the cross-section quickly built into the software. The speed of slicing is much faster than the industry standard, making the entire process much more efficient. IdeaMaker works on Windows, Mac, as well as Unbuntu. It only requires 2 gigabytes of storage, and it will use approximately 512 megabytes of video ram, which is not a heavy load at all.


  • Comes with automatic separation of the components.
  • Set up separate printing profiles that can each have different settings so you can switch easily.
  • Comes with faster overall slicing speeds, which are compiled natively.
  • Extremely fast and efficient.
  • User-friendly and simple to use.

This software is much more user-friendly and easier to use as well as faster.

It takes only a few clicks to prepare accepted file types making it extremely user friendly.
  • 512 MB video ram
  • Windows, Mac, Ubuntu (Linux). 
  • 2 gigabytes hard drive space
  • 2 gigabytes of RAM
A very high quality powerful 3D slicer software. It is a user-friendly interface can prepare compatible files in 2 clicks. It can be very easily installed on your computer with minimum hardware requirements. Well useful and powerful software in manufacturing, engineering industries. It has a multi-language interface which can be easily understood by your own.
ideaMaker for Windows is a software program that can help you get your files ready before you send them to the printer. It is a 3D slicer software with an interface that's very simple to use. You can get STL and OBJ files, as well as 3MF files, ready for printing by clicking your mouse twice. You can also customize your files thanks to ideaMaker's defined settings. You will also be able to keep an eye on the printing process because ideaMaker can send your files over to RaiseCloud.
This product is not normal for some other cutting programming. It has a very easy to understand the insight and can arrange 3D printing documents in a couple of snaps. It accompanies tremendous customization alternatives and incredible highlights for further developed usefulness. This product is a lot quicker than the business standard and can be utilized free. You can distantly screen your tasks utilizing the underlying highlights. It was planned in light of raised3D, and it has been made to suit these kinds of 3D printers consummately. It accompanies highlights to consequently allocate formats for ventures. It accompanies progressed fix choices to fix models that aren't actually great. The motor utilized for cutting is extremely productive just as quick.
This software allows for more stable 3D printing models which is useful considering the materials for these aren't cheap. This will also allow companies or people, in general, to make their models quickly and not be at risk for breaking them. This is beneficial for the people who'd rather save money than keep dumping it into materials for their prints.
ideaMaker for Windows at first glance seems like it is made for more advanced computer users than beginners. Although it says it is user friendly, I take that as users that have experience with computer software. ideaMaker allows users to create and save ideas for 3D printing and allows users to retrieve these ideas at a later time with little effort.
Idea maker for Windows is one of the best 3D slicing tools available in the market. It provides good stability and protects your 3D files. It gives a faster slicing rate and also the print time estimates are better when we compared it with its competitor Cura. The support feature in Idea maker provides a great advantage while 3D printing the objects.
Ideamaker has made thing easier for 3d designers because of it's a user-friendly interface. the thing I really like about this software is it applies the design on the elements itself then you can change the design without moving it from the elements, it is like a preview while working on the object and it makes it easier for the designer to play with tools more.
IdeaMaker is a great and powerful 3D slicer software that has helped a lot when it comes to printing files. It has a really clean and easy-to-use interface. It can be configured to automatically increase or decrease the layer height based on the level of detail required for the current area being printed. The program has a lot of features that can be used to customize objects. Completely recommended for 3D printing.
This is a powerful 3d software that slices objects and also has a download center for people as well. Overall this is a great printing software that helps people become great at what they do. This is a fabulous way to get people on board with the idea and overall it shows folks that using software is unlimted in terms of capabilities
ideaMaker is a piece of slicing software. Basically, it's what you use when setting up a model for 3D printing. ideaMaker is recommended over other common slicing softwares due to its reliability and speed. It doesn't offer as many customization options as other software, but the upside of this is that there is much less chance of messing things up. It offers a basic but powerful method for setting up 3D printed objects. Another feature ideaMaker offers is Free Cut, which allows easy and effective manipulation and alteration of a 3D object. It also offers a repair feature which can erase any errors and prevent printing issues. There are some drawbacks to this software. It can be difficult to master, and doesn't currently feature some common design capabilities present in other software.
This is a great app for all of the creative people out there! Make great 3D designs that work well for what you are working on. This software allows you to manage things so easily and is able to create multiple textures to make the 3D image look even more realistic! If you want a software that is customizable and works for you, then this is a great option!
As someone who has grown up working with CAD, I have to say... I hate CAD. And I think that is a shared sentiment. That is why ideaMaker has been such a life changer, I went from dreading the process of creating 3d models to actually enjoying it again. Thanks ideaMaker!
Idea maker is a simple-to-use program that allows you to easily crest 3d models without having to know complex systems. Built-in printer support makes it easy to print your creations. Advanced settings available for more complex printer setups
Really helpful, and user friendly. It has customization tools and is ideal for editing purposes. This works really well for people who frequently us 3D printers too. I have used this software a few times and found it pretty easy to use, and this is coming rom someone who is not really tech savvy. This software is also easy to download and install
Mason X******x
IdeaMaker is an innovative software tool designed to help entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators capture, organize, and develop their ideas into successful products and services. It offers a range of features tailored to the creative process, such as idea templates, brainstorming tools, collaboration capabilities, and patent research. It also helps to simplify the process of researching, creating, and protecting intellectual property.
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