Insomnia code

by Kong Inc.

Prevents your computer from going to sleep mode.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kong Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Just because you are downloading something on your computer, or even streaming something on your computer, doesn't mean that your computer won't at some point in time, decide to go into sleep mode. This can be an issue since a lot of times when a computer goes into sleep mode, the downloading, burning, converting and even streaming comes to a stop. Insomnia code for Windows is a simple app that enables your computer to stay running, and it continues to run if the small window is open. If you are worried about draining power from your computer, Insomnia will be following any windows that you may have open on your computer, so when you are finished with that specific window, Insomnia will alert you and you will be able to close that window, saving battery life for the rest of that activity on the computer. All the user has to do to stop the Insomnia program from running is close the Insomnia window, and at that time, the computer will go right back to whatever sleep mode it was in prior to using Insomnia. There is a 32-bit version as well as a 64-bit version, however, the 32-bit version will suck the fewest resources from the computer and less battery life from the computer as well. The Insomnia application supports all of Window's recent operating systems, and that includes Windows XP.  If you are looking for an application that will allow you to keep your computer from sleeping, and you don't have to sit next to it the entire time to do so, this is the program for you. Insomnia is free for Windows, but there is also a paid version that enables users to gain access to certain data that is encrypted. 

Keeps your computer awake so it doesn't go into sleep mode during long hours on the computer.

  • Free download for Windows.  
  • Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Cloud sync and sharing
  • HAR import
  • Configurable time out
Insomnia is a good product for those that stay up late to get work done. It’s a valuable program so people don’t have to reboot their computer or laptop. I would highly recommend this product to people that do a lot of online work. I would also recommend this to friends, family and coworkers.
Insomnia Code is a good middle of the road REST client. Having used other REST clients such as Postman I appreciated having another option to try out. The interface is quick and simple and dealing with entering JSON data and managing API keys is relatively straightforward. being free and open-source is also a big bonus. Also the cookie management is a good feature that is often more overlooked on other more simple REST clients.
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