by Nir Sofer

An IP address analyzer which enables the user to find aspects of the IP Address and its owner

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nir Sofer

Release: IPNetInfo 1.80

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Windows software program is for allowing users to quickly and easily find information regarding IP Addresses, which they input. It is for Windows devices such as laptops and PC’s and is free to download and configure. It is very practical and light in nature, meaning it does not take up much storage and yet serves as a handy utility for its purpose.

In terms of what information it provides, it gives details on the owner of the IP Address inputted, as well as the country and location that they are in. It includes information about the range and span of the IP Address, as well as information for contacting the owner of the IP Address. It, therefore, provides a lot of high-quality data and is highly accurate, meaning that this is a program that can be good for those in computer sciences studies or those working in the IT industry as a tool that will aid in learning and/or other processes.

It allows you to find out who sends you mail in your inbox that you do not want to be sent any longer, and all you need to do is input information into the software utility in order to gain this information. It works on its own and doesn’t need you to download any additional processes or programs. To use it, all that you need to do is find the applicable file and copy it to the folder you would like before beginning the analytical process.

This is highly practical as free software and is to be used as a tool for various functions. I find it somewhat surprising that it is free yet with so much functionality. I would definitely recommend that anyone curious about these aspects of Wi-Fi and IP addresses check this application out.

Simple and practical functionality in simply inputting the address to retrieve details and other aspects

  • Analyze IP Addresses
  • Input gives owner, range and contact information
  • Locate senders of spam email
  • Test IP Address aspects
  • Simple, elegant and free
IPNetInfo 1.80 (0.14 MB)
IPNetInfo 1.95 (0.06 MB)
Thanks to the IPNetInfo application, it is possible to locate easily and at high speed (few seconds) all the information available on the Internet about any IP address and all this information is complete and structured and has been very useful for me to maintain computer security both in my work like on my personal devices. It has been fully functional and very useful
I'm an engineer. I need to send my IP information to my team for some work purposes. So, I search to find a better application to know IP information. Then, I came to know about "IPNetInfo" for Windows. It serves as a fast and practical light utility that I can able to found information about IP addresses very quickly. I'm very much thankful for the team who have developed this software.
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