Leatrix Latency Fix

by Eden.fm

An utility software for Windows that reduces internet latency

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eden.fm

Release: Leatrix Latency Fix 1.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9846

Leatrix Latency Fix is one of the best solutions available for those who game online. Latency is a major thorn in the side of gamers around the world. In fact, it is the number one complaint that games have when it comes to their player experiences which says a lot. Leatrix Latency Fix alleviates that problem by increasing the frequency of TCP your game and your computer allow.


  • Quick installation
  • Reduce latency in any game
  • Improve online gaming experience
  • Free to use

If that sounds technical, it is. Look at the process this way. When you log on to your favorite game, you are placed in a virtual line with thousands of other players. Each action you take online is totally dependant on your place in that line. If you are at the end of that line you will experience latency, if you are at the head of that line you don't. Leatrix Latency Fix basically makes sure you are at the front of the line every time without affecting anyone else. As a guy that plays League of Legends, let me tell you just how important a program like this really is. Games like League of Legends require split-second choices and actions. One single second of hesitation will ensure you lose the game. Which will effectively ruin your gaming experience? This program works very well with any online game. In addition to that, it works very well with those who stream movies and videos through programs like Hulu or Netflix. No one likes a buffering video and Leatrix Latency Fix will help stop that from happening during your viewings.

The program set up it pretty straight forward and easy. I will warn you though, you will have to access the program as an administrator since it will change setting on your computer. After installation, you will have to reboot your computer so these changes will take effect. After that, you are pretty much set. You can log into whatever game you want to play and give it a good test to see how much of a change it did.

Improve your internet lag at the push of a button with this amazing program.

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