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Measure the consumption of electricity by each individual part of your computer.

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Publisher: Microsoft

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Joulemeter is an amazing piece of software which is able to quite precisely measure how much electricity the different parts of your computer are using at any given time. You can see very detailed information about specific parts, and really follow what is going on inside the box. With Joulemeter, you will not only be able to become more aware of your energy consumption, as the expert, but detailed view provided by it can also, in many ways, help you understand your machine's performance and fine-tune it to better suit your needs.

Out of the box, your Windows system is only able to offer you a generic estimation of how you want to balance your usage between performance and saving energy. Quite often, you may lose performance and have to deal with a slower computer because you have selected a plan which is not optimal for how your workflow and your personal daily needs. But, without a precise understanding of what you are doing and why not get to save much of your battery-life or impact your general usage of energy in any considerable way. With the clear and precise readings given by Joulemeter, both as a real-time display or as registered information over some time, you can check precisely what is going on, and then configure Windows to make your machine serve you in the best way possible, just like you need it.


A very clear presentation, with just the essential and easy to understand information.
  • Scan your computer usage of electric power, and access all that information with plenty of discrimination and granularity.
  • Monitor the changes in real-time and understand what is causing the changes, or store them in a log that can be checked at any time.
  • Accompany the consumption of your motherboard, hard-drives, screen, or any other part.
  • Navigate through all this relevant data using a very clear interface, easy to read, and with no distractions.

Joulemeters can help you make your computer more personal, more attuned to your needs, and help you make important decisions for system administration. All that in real-time, and with great performance because of its minimalistic, straight to the point interface.

Karly Jay
I never realized just how much power my computer was using. This program was very easy to use and not the least bit confusing like similar programs I have tried. i feel that I am in better control of my computer now!
Blake Lowe
an older windows software program to keep track of background data and cookies
This software estimates how much power is being currently used. This software is great for laptops so you know how to prolong your battery length for when you do not have an outlet. You can find out how much power is needed to run that youtube song, and is that worth it when you got a report to finish for your boss? Or does dimming the screen extend the life of the battery? With this software, you will finally know!
Joulemeter is a software application that is used for how much power consuming by our personal computer. It estimates properly and accurately. This application software is tracking resources of computers those are central process unit utilization, the brightness of display screen. This app gives proper guidance about the energy usage of the system and how it can save energy properly with proper settings. This app gives information about the usage of power when accessing all types of software programs used in the computer.
Before using this software, trying to measure power from a virtual machine was certainly a difficult task. Being able to seamlessly check a database of VM's in one easy to use program has simplified my workload. I was first concerned about the product being deprecated, but it still has an amazing toolset that has aged fantastically! Would recommend it to others working around virtual machines!
I always had this thought about how much power does my computer consumes. So when I search for this I found this cool software. So now I know how much power does my CPU consumes on a daily basis as it helps me to keep track of its power consumption. Because of this, my power management is so easy as i now know how much power does my computer consumes. I tell you it consumes a lot
The Joulemeter for windows is basically measuring the data being used on computers, laptops, phones, etc. I would probably use this since I want to know how much has been used. Seems like a very reliable "meter".
First off, the great thing about this software is that it's FREE! However, it works mainly for devices that run on battery power (eg laptops). PC users are warned. ;) Also, it only gives generic results. If you want to get a rather accurate estimate of your device's power usage, you'd have to connect another input source (and to be honest, I'm not sure what that means)
Joulemeter for windows: a cool and unique software tool that shows power consumption for individual parts of the computer. I found it interesting to get a compartmentalized view of power consumption within my hardware. Cannot recommend it enough. Some really hard work and love went into this, try it.
Joulemeter for Windows would not install on my PC. I received the message that I needed to download Microsoft.Net Framework 4, which I did. After trying to install .Net Framework 4, I received the message that I did not need to install it; it was already part of my operating system (Windows 11). Because of this conflict, Joulemeter would not run and give any information about my PC. I recommend caution in downloading and running Joulemeter for Windows.
The Joulemeter is an amazing software that allows you to run a test through all your computer to measure how much electrical power each component is consuming at any given time, being really precise it pinpoints every component and give you detailed information of each of them, making this software really useful and helping you to be more aware of the electrical consumption of your computer and which setup benefits you the most. This software is a great improvement to the generic estimation that your Windows system can provide you, making it invaluable at the time of giving your PC some maintenance.
I love using Joulemeter for Windows because it's a program that makes it really easy to figure out how much power my computer might be using up. If you want to leave a greener environmental footprint, this is the perfect tool for you. You'll be able to see all of the resources that your computer is consuming, including the amount of power, and make adjustments accordingly.
Joulemeter is a windows software application for detecting the electric consumptions of your computer. This was created and developed by Microsoft. It estimates and shows you the exact electric consumption of all the elements of your computer which will be helpful for you to reduce the electric consumption while using computer. It is filled with safety and security features for protection.
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